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I am soon going to GM a Sidereal campaign on mIRC, so I'm probably going to us some space here to put in datas about it.\ No, do someone have suggestions about how to selection players ? Too many people want to play !

All right, let's say something about myself...

I picked the name Stranger (or in french Etrangere) from A Song of Ice and Fire, a great fantasy series by George RR Martin, where it was used as both one of the Seven Gods (they are Mother, Father, Crone, Smith, Fighter, Maiden and Stranger) and the name of Sandor Clegane "The Hound" 's favorite horse. I got a thing for Sandor.

Anyway, geekness aside, I found it a pretty good name and kept using it on other forums. No need to tell me to not be a Stranger.

My real name is Anne-Elisa, aged 22, living in the suburb of Paris.

When Exalted had all those ads and mysterious promo, I was interrested in what broadly seemed to be to World of Darkness what Earthdawn was to Shadowrun. When it was out, though, I was not that much interrested by the few picks I took at the book (there WERE some horrendous arts in it too), and gave it up. Much later and some great praises by a friend, I suddenly got hooked, borrowed books from my now ex boyfriend and bought myself the main book. Having only played one game with my now ex boyfriend GMing, and the chronicle not seeming to go on for obscure reason of two players liking to beat the crap out of each others via characters, I redirected myself toward the joys of virtual gaming and multiplied the characters in chronicles on IRC channels. Now I have started GMing with enthousiasm for 5 weeks and I have much fun.

I'll think about more to say later.

Links to my contributions to the Wiki

Hi Etrangere! ^_^ Love the name. Hope you don't mind, I've added some links to your contributions from this page ... I'm sure everyone would like to see how much you have done. Have a fun day! - BrokenShade

Ah ! Thanks for doing what I was so far too lazy to do ^_^. Have fun with Wiki too ;) - Etrangere

Hi Ete, finally tracked you down here on Wiki too. Hope your still working on this or that and enjoying RR Martins books. - BogMod