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House Rules for CrownedSun

First, here are some of the things you are most likely looking for on this page.

New Stuff
CrownedSun/ArtifactCreation :: a custom artifact creation system.
CrownedSun/AnimaFlares :: house-rules to tweak the anima powers of the various Exalted
CrownedSun/WyldStability :: some rules for the Cult of the Wyld

Changes to Existing Stuff
CrownedSun/ExaltedSolars :: some careful rebalances for Solar Exalted as a whole
CrownedSun/ExaltedTerrestrial :: some careful rebalances for Terrestrial Exalted as a whole
CrownedSun/ExaltedLunars :: some careful rebalances for Lunar Exalted as a whole
CrownedSun/ExaltedSidereals :: some careful rebalances for Sidereal Exalted as a whole
CrownedSun/Specialities :: my house rules relating to Specialities, for my games
CrownedSun/HeartsBlood :: some notes on what a 'shape' bought with the background is
CrownedSun/Familiars :: some changes to the Familiar background, inspired by a forum post
CrownedSun/Followers :: some changes to the Follower's background to make it more flexible

Other People's House Rules (that I find nifty)
Morpheus/PoisonForMe has some nifty, if slightly complicated, Poison rules

Detailed Rules Systems

Detailed Experience Point System
CrownedSun/DetailedXP has a more detailed layout for handing out experience point awards, aiming at giving approximately the same or a little more XP for every game session and giving rewards for things that I find desirable in games. It's much more 'gamist' than the core system.

Lore and Knowledge System
CrownedSun/LoreSystem covers a treatment of rules for deciding how much your character knows, a situation that comes up a lot in my games.

Detailed Social Encounter Rules (Significant Progress)
SocialResolutionSystem covers a number of simple rules that are easy to insert into your Exalted campaign. Currently just in the beginning stages, but will eventually become even more detailed than the Lore and Knowledge System.

Heroic Mortal Merits (& Flaws?) (Work in Progress)
CrownedSun/HeroicMortalMF is where I'm putting a project I'm making to provide the tools to make truly heroic mortals who aren't Thaumaturges. These are your Steel Ribbon Warriors and your proto-Exalts that just never got the spark.

Misc. Other

  • I keep note of how much each Combo costs in XP, and allow players to trade in their combos for other combos if they feel the need. This lets players take combos that they'll 'grow out of', and encourages combo purchasing.
  • Solars can "switch" Heavenly Guardian Defense and Seven Shadows Evasion, making it so that the dodge charm is applicable even against undodgable charms or making the parry charm parry the unparryable. However, there is a slight cost to do so -- a robust dodge costs 4 motes, 1 willpower while a fragile parry costs 7 motes. Abyssals can also perform this trade, if they wish.
  • I really like the Experience background from the Exalted Player's Guide, and will often allocate a certain value of that background to all characters automatically. The 'default' can be assumed to be Experience *, giving the characters 23 freebie points. These extra 8 points can only be spent on Attributes, abilities, specialities, virtues, willpower and other such non-magical statistics.

Mortal Willpower

The average Mortal of Creation is assumed to have a Willpower score equal to their Highest Virtue rating, rather than the sum of their two highest Virtue ratings. This results in 2 being the most common Willpower score among mortals, with a good number of them having a Willpower of 3. Anything above four is quite exceptional. Heroic Mortals ignore these rules, and use the normal "sum of two highest Virtues".

Yo, CrownedSun. I'm curious- have you looked at my tinkerings with the ScarletManualOfUprightBearing? I was reminded of yourCrownedSun/SocialCombat system recently, and wondered what you thought. DS

I got a few ideas from it (as you might notice); I've justed posted a brand new Social Combat system, however, which I'm intending to work on. I'm trying to keep most of the new systems in my game somewhat simple, albiet with lots of fun complications and other options. - CrownedSun