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A page dedicated to some of the alternate mechanics that have been dreeamed up over the course of time.

AlternateMechanics/ExaltedStorytellingSystem - Updating Exalted to use the new Storytelling System of the new World of Darkness games.
AlternateMechanics/DSAlternatePowerCombat - A full makeover of Power Combat.
AlternateMechanics/DSAlternateDemenses - An alternate take on the frequency and availability of Demenses.
AlternateMechanics/DSAlternateArtifactCreation - An alternate system of Artifact Creation, based on Deadly Beastman Transformation
AlternateMechanics/DSAlternateMartialArts - What the world needs- another way of thinking about MA.
AlternateMechanics/DSAlternateManuvers - An idea for primarily mortal level combat, to add some zest.
AlternateMechanics/DSAlternateMortalEssence - An idea on Mortal Permanent Essence, pre-Player's Guide.
AlternateMechanics/DSAlternateShields - Alternate rules for Shields, which make them more in line with the rest of actively used equipment
AlternateMechanics/DSAlternateTemperance - Cause I don't bloody well like Temperance as a Virtue
AlternateMechanics/DSAlternateAura - Changing how the Glow works
DariusSolluman/ExaltedNoGo - Playing Go in Exalted OR Drew is a big damn geek.
AlternateMechanics/DSExpandedDifficulty - An Expanded difficulty scale, to put Legendary Actions in better perspective.
AlternateMechanics/DSHurledAndFallling - A thought on hurling damage.
DariusSolluman/MassCombat - A system for Exalted scale mass combat, designed to be reasonably similiar to standard Exalted combat, with more crunchy bits for characters that want to build and train their own fighting forces of extraordinary magnitude
DariusSolluman/Teamwork - Cause people work together for great things
AlternateMechanics/GMWeaponCreation - rules for generating mundane weapons.
AlternateMechanics/WeaponLock - A mechanic for all those times we've seen people get their weapons locked in a clash.
AlternateMechanics/AlchemicalInhumanity - Thoughts on what the Alchemical equivalent of Resonance or the Great Curse would be, if they had one.