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  • Mountainous Spirit Expression applies the Large mutation to the spirit form, with all that implies except for Health Level adjustment. (By: SagaciousAscendingHero, edited by Braydz)
  • Deadly Beastman Transformation Select one of the following attribute boost arrays (given as Str/Dex/Sta):
    • +1/+1/+1
    • +2/+0/+2
    • +0/+2/+0
    • +3/+0/+1
    • +1/+0/+3
  • Devastating Ogre Enhancement:</b> When taking DOE the character takes on an additional boost array, but may not take the +3/+0/+1, +1/+0/+3, or the +0/+2/+0 a second time. In other words, no taking both Knacks and having a +6/+0/+2, +2/+0/+6 or +0/+4/+0. (Originally by: SagaciousAscendingHero, tweaked by Me)
  • <b>Perfected Hybrid Interaction:</b> When taking this Knack the character may choose a new attribute boost array.

Stamina Charms

  • <b>Halt the Scarlet Flow</b> has the "Gift" keyword. When activated with Deadly Beastman Transformation the Steward heals one Lethal health level every action. If activated with Bruise Relief Method the Lunar heals one level of each per turn. Independent use of either Charm in a turn replaces the Gift benefit of both Charms.

Intelligence Charms

  • <b>Harmony with Reality Technique</b> has Still Pond Infliction as a prerequisite instead of Form Fixing Method.

Lunar Hero Style