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Rules in effect

CharGen: Chagen starts with 20 BP

Minimum damage: Minimum Damage = Essence of offender-Essence of deffender + O, Minimum 1

Crafts The craft rating is generalised, You then buy branches as a specialty that does not confer an extra die or count against the limit. You start with ONE branch.

Martial Arts If you Favour complemetary skills, you can pay favored costs for it's charms. Such charms can be comboed with the charms of such an ability if the combo makes sense (ST call).

Sorcery and Necromancy Deathlords can NOT use SCS and Solars can NOT Learn VCN. Purchase on Sourcery charm grand appropriate counter magic for as a bonus

Rules being considered

Hearthstones are more common A manse can become powerful enough to generate its rating^2 dots of Hearthstones with a rating no higher then the Manse rating.

(Artifacts SeeAzurelight/BookOfArtifice) The artifact background can be taken multiple times.

= Comments

One thing to be careful of - with the considered Hearthstone system, a level-5 Manse can make 25 level 5 hearthstones, while a level 1 Manse will make only a single level 1. Thus, the prevalance of high-power stones can increase drastically, as the high-rating Manses also make more stonse. Two possible options include noting that high-level manses might make Rating^2 stones, but only a few of those are high-rating - the rest are of lower rank, perhaps following some pattern. Another option might be to note that Manses make Rating*3 stones, with high-rating Manses making three of each rank. Just some things to consider. -- GreenLantern

It's only rating^2 dots of hearthstones, meaning a maximum of five level-five stones. Still a lot, but not quite to the same extent you were thinking. ~WillCoon

Indeed, note also "can become" for that to happen by random, there would havw to be approximatly 6000 motes spet in that place, by the rueles that I use (they are unposted, kind of). A solar I guess, coul also fix int with WST. -Azurelight

Just as a check - 6000 motes, at an average respiration rate of 4 motes per hour, is only about two months. If you allow the motes respirated from being at the Manse itself to count, a level 5 manse can put out 20 motes per hour into an attuned Exalt. Assuming we leave some of those free for other uses, assume 15 per hour are 'dumped' into that 6000 mote pool. That leaves about 9 per hour to the Exalt for other purposes (including respiration). About two weeks later, the 6000 mote pool is filled. I'm not saying this is good, or bad, merely that with one Exalt, and between two weeks and two months, 6000 motes isn't much. Add in four more Exalts (as you're likely to find in a Sworn Brotherhood or Circle), and you're needing between 3 days and 2 weeks to do what needs doing. If that's your goal, you've hit it. If not, you may want to reconsider. I'd be interested in seeing the unposted rules, actually. -- GreenLantern

Yes....well basically, to get another hearthstone point, you need to get anothewr "Imaginary" manse point. According to the rules for Combat random demsne formatioon in S&S, there needs to be a colective mote usage of atleast 500 motes in a single day, then you get one die. if it comes up a sucess, the demesne gets one rating. Each adittional 100 motes nets one die. To get a 5 Stone level 5 manse, with my additions to the system, those at the place need to collectivly spend around 6000 motes on average. that should be all the unposted. -Azurelight

Re: Adamant Circle and Void Circle - why not? - IanPrice

I was always more comfortable with the later notions that DLs could not use SCS (See FaFL write up) and the BoB&E notion that Solars could not possibly understand VCN. It gives DLs an Achilies heel and they are quite powerful enough as is.(The achilies heel is in that they can not counter spell it). The link below should shed some light on the argument thought I don't know how to format it. - Azurelight

The reson given in the Book of Bone and Ebony for Solars' inability to understand Void Circle Necromancy is that the charm is taught by the Neverborn themselves, and can't be learned any other way. If it ever becomes an issue that a Solar would want to learn it, they'd probably become an Abyssal in the process anyway - unless they were smarter than the Neverborn and clever enough to trick the knowledge out of them. After all, the Solars are the ones who killed them in the first place, so who knows? I might require an Essence of 6 in addition to tricking the Malfeans, just to keep it out of easy reach for PCs.
As for Deathlords and Solar Sorcery - they can use Solar charms. Even if they can't use the sorcery, they can use the wide Solar array of perfect defenses. I'm not entirely sure what makes Sorcery so special, since its power comes at the price of lacking combo-ability. FaFL wouldn't have much use for the stuff, honestly, with his tendency to destroy enemies personally instead of hiding behind waves of minions. Necromantic spells are even more destructive than their Sorcerous counterparts when it comes to sheer killing power, so I can only think that it's an issue of the countermagic, as you say. Thus, I wouldn't personally say that they can't use it, but I wouldn't have them bother to do so mostly. Stabbing someone during the casting or using a perfect defense is just as good, generally. - IanPrice

Oh I agree with the last senstence, but just explaining what I am coming from: I cOnsider FaFl to be the properly statted DL, case IMO Neph often think about what he does. I also belomg in the can tha thinks tha the"DLs have solar charms" of the core books Are more a place holder for saying: "The DLs have Abyssals charms and man abyssal Equivalents of Solar charms" (as in FaFL)0. Not a huge diffrence mechanically, but an important thematic one, and to me, sourcery fitsd into the same category. It puts more enphasis on the DEATH in DL in SCS is prohibited IMO. It's somewhat hard to explain, and I am gonna say something that I myself detest, but it feels Wrong. Of course they hacve 3 mote perfects, but that is really beside my point. I am mostly not arguing game balance, doing that in the context of DLs is Kinda of moot. - Azurelight