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House Rules

Allowed Character types:

                        Solar (no Cult solars though)
                        Sidereal (Player must have a good reson/story)
                        Dragon-King(Modern only)
                        Heroic Mortal

Dragon-Kings, and Godbloods are considered Mortal for all BP/XP expenditures unless otherwise noted. Abilities : Some Abilities have been reworked/changed so we will talk about these now.

Craft - Must have a Focus such as Weaponsmithing, or Woodworking. The first Focus is always free additional Focuses cost 1BP or (Current Rating)XP. It should be specifically noted that neither Favoring Craft or the second app of the Prodigy Merit reduce the cost of purchasing a Focus. All Focuses use the base craft skill and any relevent specialties for a die pool. Legal focuses are as follows :

         ·  Architecture
         .  Artifice - This is the skill of working with the 5MM
         .  Armorsmithing 
         ·  Breeding 
         ·  Calligraphy 
         ·  Carving 
         ·  Clockworks 
         ·  Courtesan 
         ·  Domestic Service 
         ·  Farming 
         ·  Fate 
         ·  First Age Weapons 
         ·  First Age Mechanisms 
         ·  Flying Machines 
         ·  Glamour
         .  Glass
         ·  Jadecrafting 
         ·  Jeweler 
         ·  Landscaping 
         ·  Leatherworking 
         ·  Metalworking  
         ·  Moliation 
         ·  Necrosurgery 
         ·  Pandemonium 
         ·  Sculpture
         ·  Soulforging 
         ·  Stoneworking
         .  Toiletries - Creation or Soap, Perfume, Incense, ect... 
                         Yes it actually sees use in my campaigns 
         ·  Traps 

         ·  War
         .  Weaponsmithing 
         ·  Weaving 
         ·  Woodworking
         .  Writing - The ability to write for a living as opposed to litteracy of any  
                      sort. This skill is capped by ones linguistics or Lore skill. 
         ·  Wyld 

Brawl - Subsumed into the Martial Arts ability with the Brawl Charm trees unchanged, but gaining the ability to combo with MA as they are now the same ability. Brawl trees are now considered "Formless" generic MA Charms and may be created without making a whole MA style, but charms of this nature follow the rules for creating Brawl Charms.

Endurance - has been combinded with the Resistance Ability, and has taken in its applications and Charms.

Martial Arts - Now contains the Brawl trees.

Resistance - Has been eliminated as a ability.

Changes to the Caste abilities of each type of Essence user is as follows :

  • Solars
    • Dawn -
        Martial Arts
    • Zenith -
    • Twilight -
          As canon
    • Night -
          As Canon
    • Eclipse -
          As Canon
  • Lunars
    • All Castes are as Canon, as they have no set Favored Abilities.
  • Sidereals
    • Journeys -
            As Canon
    • Serenity -
           As Canon
    • Battles -
          Martial Arts
    • Secrets -
          As Canon
    • Endings -
          As Canon
  • Terrestrial
    • Air -
       As Canon
    • Earth -
       Martial Arts

    • Fire -
       As Canon
    • Water -
       Martial Arts
    • Wood -
      As Canon
  • Dragon-King
    • Northern -
       As Canon
    • Eastern -
       As Canon
    • Southern -
    • Western -
       Martial Arts
  • Godbloods
    • As the Lunars (see above)

Charms : All characters begin play with one level of Ox-Body, or one -2 Health level in the case of heroic mortals.

        Solars - No Change.
        Lunars - No Change.
        Sidereals - No Change.
        Terrestrials -Immaculate Martial artist begin with the spirit Mastery 
                      Charms. All other DB's begin with 3 additional Charms 
                      from Caste, and/or Favored abilities.  
        Dragon-Kings - Gain an additional three dots for paths. They are still capped  
                       at 3 dots per path without spending BP's.
        Godbloods - Begin play with any 3 Charms they are eligible to learn/know.
        Heroic Mortals - Begin play with 5 Mortal Charms.

Backgrounds : Heroic Mortals recieve 6 dots to put into Knowledge, and/or Experience. God bloods get 4 dots that can be distributed in the same manner as HM's. Dragon-Kings???

Essence :

    • Solar - Begin Play with Essence 3
    • Lunar - Begin Play with Essence 3
    • Sidereal - Begin Play with Essence 3
    • Terrestrial - Begin Play with Essence 3
    • Dragon-King - Begin Play with Essence 3
    • Godblood - Begin Play with Essence 2
    • Heroic Mortal - Begin Play with Essence 1

Bonus Points :

    • Solars - +20 (These points must be spent on mortal magics such as thaumaturgy, or mortal Martial arts).
    • Lunars - +15 But must follow the same spending giudlines as Solars.
    • Sidereals - +10 But must follow the same spending giudlines as Solars.
    • Terrestrials - +30 But must follow the same spending giudlines as Solars.
    • Dragon-Kings - ???
    • Godbloods - +19
    • Heroic Mortals - +32.

Path Magic : Path magic is taken directly from Moxianes Mortal Sorcery page, I will use most of the rules therein with the following changes:

    • Gaining Sorcery - This is now covered by gaining the Merit "Brass Circle Sorcey" (see below)
    • Purchasing Paths - Paths are purchased at the same cost as (Favored) Charms for Exalted and Godblooded, and 8BP/16XP for Mortals who have the Brass Circle Sorcery Merit. If Occult is a Favored/Caste Ability for either Exalt or Mortal the cost lowers itself by 1BP/2XP, and If the second application of the Prodigy Merit is possessed for Occult the cost for learning a path is further reduced by 1BP/2XP.
    • Rotes are purchased at a cost of 1BP per two points of dice pool penaly alleviated, or 1XP per point of dice pool penaly alleviated.
    • Warding & Summoning will be covered with the Arts provided in the Exalted Players Guide.
    • The Paths of Conjuration & Conveyance will be covered with Rituals as I have no access to the Sorcerer book from M:tA, or the patience to create my own Path whole cloth.
    • Paying The Cost - Path Magic costs 3 Motes, or 1 Willpower per "casting." If a particular effect calls for additional Willpower this cost may be paid by exalts with an expenditure of an additional 3 Motes; Mortals, even with the Essence Awareness Merit , do not have this luxury.
    • Available Paths -
                          The Path of[[Issaru/Healing]]

                           The Path of[[Issaru/Hellfire]] - Wall : Cost 3 Dice, Diff 2, Duration
                                                        {essence}rounds, Area 1' wide
                                                        {essence} tall, and {esence x 3
                                                        } long; 1 die to add Essence to
                                                        any dimension.
                                                  Weapon : Cost 2 Dice, Diff 2,
                                                         Duration {Essence} rounds,
                                                         stats all at +0 except damage
                                                         which equals Essence + Occult
                                                         in lethal, and rate equal to
                                                         Wits. Damage dice may be lost
                                                         to increase other stats of the 
                                                         Weapon on a 2 for 1 basis.
                                                         The weilder of this weapon 
                                                         attacks using their Essence +
                                                         Melee as an atack pool along 
                                                         with any relevent specialties.
                                                         Strength does not add to the 
                                                         damage of the created weapon. 

                           The Path of[[Issaru/Light]]

                           The Path of[[Issaru/Shadow]] - Fully-Solid objects created by the 
                                                 Solidify ability of this path have 
                                                 {Essence} L/B Soak and, if applicable,
                                                 {Essence} HL's.

                           The Path of[[Issaru/Nature]] - w/o Weather Working

                           The Path of[[Issaru/Sight]] - w/o Divination.

                           The Path of[[Issaru/Fortune]]

Thaumaturgy : I will be using the rules created by FrivYeti on this page. These rules will be changed as follows :

    • Purchasing Arts : Exalts of all types purchase arts at a rate of three dots per Ability, or bonus point at character creation. The Purchase of the second application of the Prodigy Merit lowers cost of purchasing Arts in the standard way 1BP/2XP.
    • Purchasing Rituals : Exalts of all types purchase level 1-2 Rituals at a cost of 2 per BP, level 3-4 for 1 BP each, and level 5 for 2BP each.
    • Purchasing Sciences : Exalts of all types purchase Sciences at half the cost of Mortals. The second app of the Prodigy Merit for Occult lower costs by an additional 1BP/2XP.

Mortal Charms : This I have also borrowed from FrivYeti. The general rules of which can be found on this page; the rules therin will be changed as follows :

    • Essence Expenditure - Mortals,and Exalts may spend 3 Motes to use an effect as opposed to 5.
    • Purchasing - Mortal Charms are purchased for 5BP or 10XP by mortals, and 2BP or 4XP for Exalts. Favoring an ability reduces this cost by 1BP or 2XP. The Prodigy Merit has no effect on the costing of Mortal Charms.
    • Martial Art Forms - The Martial Art Form Charm purchaseable by Mortals now has

Prerequisite of knowing the Crown Chakra (see Below) associated with that Form. In addition the forms effects can be used with all of the weapons of that particular style/MA.

Mortal Martial Arts : These come from the combined efforts of IanPrice and SteveMatson and can be found here.

    • Purchasing Mortal MA's - Mortals may purchase Chakras for 5BP or 10XP. Exalts

purchase Chakras for 2BP or 4XP. There is no known way to reduce the cost to purchase Chakras. Dragon-Kings have the same restrictions on Chakras that they do on learning Terrestrial Martial arts.

    • Paying The Cost - An Essence weilding character may spend 5 Motes as opposed to the 1 willpower to activate a Chakra.

Merits & Flaws :

                     . Ambidextrous - Omnidextrous characters gain a +3 to the 
                                        Defense rating of Kick attacks; this 
                                        effectively increaces kick defense to +0. This
                                        bonus also works for God-Kicking Boots. Also
                                        any weapons held in the feet take a - 3 
                                        penalty to speed, and accuracy.
                     . Special Resistance - No You Cannot be immune to the Contagion!
                                        Immunity to a specific Poison, or Disease now
                                        costs 2BP. The 2BP for total immunity do count
                                        against the limit of 5BP per category of 
                     . Dying - Nixed
                     . Amnesia - The costing for this Flaw is changed to -2/-4/-10.
                     . Longeveity - Cost changed to 1BP. How often does aging really 
                                        come up in the course of one Campaign?
                     . God-Body - The cost of this Merit is reduced by 2 for a cost
                                        range of 1-8.
                     . Divine Resilience - The cost has been lowered to 5BP.
                     . Licence of Celestial Entry - This is now costed at 5BP.
                     . Magical Attunement - The cost is lowered to 3BP.
                     . Awakened Essence - The cost is lowered to 4BP.
                     . Sire's Enmity - This is now costed at -2/-6/-10.
                     . Ignorant of Self - Cost changed to -6BP.
                     . Affected by Wards - cost changed to -3BP
                     . Aura of Power - Cost changed to -6BP.
                     . Elemental Power - Activating the abilities given by this Merit 
                                         is 2 Motes. Dragons Suspire is supplemental.
                     . Gate Keeper - The costing is changed to 4BP.
                     . Ritual Suicide - only the 5 point version is available.
                     . Wandering Po - This may be purchased for -3BP if the character
                                      has knowledge of his/her condition.
                     . Anima Power - the cost has been changed to 1BP.
                     . Draught of Passion - this is now costed at 4BP.
                     . Transendant Dream Shape - Attributes are puchased for 5XP.
    • New Merits and Flaws :
                       Brass Circle Sorcery - 
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