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Keep in mind that the stuff I put here is what I felt needed changing to suit my games, not necessarily what I felt should have been changed in the core book. Also a number of things here are simply rules clarifications and official errata that I wanted to have on hand for my games.

An important note, I use the current Scroll of Errata 2.5 rules. Modified by the below, of course.

Basic Rules

  • Specialty Costs - Buying a specialty in a Caste, Aspect, or Favored ability costs 2 xp, not 3. Having Occult as either a Caste, Aspect, or Favored Ability grants a similar reduction in cost when purchasing Thaumaturgy.
  • Essence - The cost for raising Essence for any type of Exalted is always 7 bonus points and CR x 8 experience points.


  • Grappling - On the same turn you successfully grapple an opponent, you may immediately either Crush, Pin, or Throw the victim. On the attackers action, he only needs to make a roll to take one of the above actions and suffers no risk of losing control. On the defender's action, he may attempt to break the hold. If successful, he may take control of the grapple or move up to his speed away from his opponent. Defensive charms that eliminate penalties (such as FLB & FfBS) do not affect grapples.
  • Multiple Opponents - Each attacker after the first reduces DV by 1. This lasts until the defender's DV refreshes. This doesn't stack with Coordinated Attack or Onslaught penalties, only the highest penalty applies.

Social Combat

  • Intimacies & Virtues - Need to be linked to a virtue that matches how you feel about that Intimacy. You must fail a that virtue roll in order to act against your Intimacy.
  • Short Ticks - Social combat may be done quickly using short ticks by applying a -2 external penalty to all rolls. This applies to all participants.
  • During Physical Combat - When attempting to participate in social combat during a fight, a combatant must split his attention between the two, or flurry to do both at the same time. DV penalties from either type of action apply to both types of combat.
  • Starting Intimacies - Characters must select at least one Intimacy for each virtue, but a player may exchange one for an additional Intimacy of his Primary Virtue. Consider the following categories when choosing intimacies; people, places, groups, objects, ideals, desires, activities. These are merely suggestions, not an exhaustive list.


  • Ping Damage - Essence has no effect on minimum damage dealt. Apply any effects that increase or reduce post-soak damage to the final value after factoring in minimum and maximum damage as necessary.
  • Rate - The maximum number of attacks in a flurry is limited to the highest rate of the weapons being used. Each weapon is limited by it's own rate as well. IE. if you are attacking with one weapon with a rate of 3 and another with a rate of 1, you may only attack 3 times, and no more than once with the second weapon.
  • Hearthstones - Any bonus dice or success from hearthstones count against charm limits.
  • Hearthstone Bracers - These are incompatible with armor of any kind.
  • Power Armors - Armors such as Celestial Battle Armor, Armor of the Immaculate Dragons, and Warstriders are considered Artifact N/A unless I am specifically running a campaign around them, such as a unit of Warstrider pilots. Discreet Essence Armor is an exemption to this rule.
  • Jade Weapons - Use the new Magic Material Bonuses from BoS, Vol. 3: Oadenol's Codex.


  • Charm Use - Charms are limited to 1 per tick rather than 1 per action.
  • Third Excellency - Instead of rerolling the whole die pool, only reroll any dice that did not come up successes.
  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery, Celestial Circle Sorcery, Solar Circle Sorcery - Each of these grants knowledge of one spell of that circle, free with the cost of the base charm. Same goes for equivalent Necromancy, Infernal Sorcery, & Protocols charms.
  • Perfect Attacks & Defenses - As these require no die roll, they may not be stunted.


  • Dawn Anima Ability - Ignore this portion of the errata: Additionally, the immense Essence pressure within the character’s anima slows all incoming attacks, increasing the character’s DVs by 2. Similarly, ignore this for Dusk & Slayer castes as well.
  • Fivefold Bulwark Stance - The reduction in DV penalties due to actions applies to each action in a flurry.
  • Foe-Vaulting Method - This allows for an immediate roll to regain surprise, no extra cover is needed. Simply by moving fast and getting behind his opponent, the solar may ambush the foe from behind his own back.
  • Flow Like Blood - Has the same effect as FfBS as well as ignoring coordinating attack penalties.


  • Out of Aspect Surcharge - Ignore this rule. I find that it just causes a lot of book-keeping headaches.
  • Immaculate Martial Arts Favored Weapon Bonus - The practitioner must either be the same elemental aspect as the Style, or must have mastered at least the Form charm to gain the benefits of the Favored Weapon Bonus.


  • Character Generation - Characters start with 2 Knacks & 8 Charms. Also the xp cost for Knacks is reduced to 8.
  • Shapeshifting Traits - When taking new forms, the following traits are changed: Strength, Stamina, Appearance, natural attacks, natural armor, senses and special modes of transportation (flight, swim, etc). Everything else remains constant.
  • Casteless Anima Abilities - Casteless Lunars gain access to all five Anima abilities over the course of a month, not just the current three. The order is as follows; No Moon - 3 days, Waxing Moon - 4 days, Half Moon - 3 days, Waxing Moon - 4 days, Full Moon - 3 days, Waning Moon - 4 days, Half Moon - 3 days, Waning Moon - 4 days.
  • Mountainous Spirit Expression - Apply the Large mutation to the spirit form, granting +1 Strength, +1 Stamina, and an additional -0 health level.
  • Deadly Beastman Transformation & Devastating Ogre Enhancement - You may re-arrange the attribute boost array. The options would be +1 Str/+1 Dex/+1 Sta, +2/+0/+2, +3/+0/+1, or +1/+0/+3. When taking DOE, any selection of two of the same +3 options is disallowed. In other words, you may not take both Knacks and gain a +6/+0/+2 or +2/+0/+6. Combinations of +5/+0/+3 or +3/+0/+5 are fine.


  • Charm Installment Costs - Ignore these rules.
  • Charm Slots - You may have no more charm slots than equal to your maximum Personal Essence Pool. Charms that may be taken multiple times are counted only once. Charms that are specifically described as being an upgrade to a prerequisite also do not count toward charm slots. Arrays occupy a number of Charm Slots equal to 3/4ths the number of Charms in the Array.
  • Artifact Background - The rating of artifacts purchased with this background are limited by the number of dots the character has in it. So you must have 3 dots in Artifact before purchasing a 3 dot item.