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Telgar's General House Rules

I flat out love Exalted. However, I have a few issues with some of the rules, mostly Solar Charms. These House Rules apply in all the games I run. I figure I might as well post them up for my players and you other Wiki-goers to read and become enlightened by. They're that cool.

Home Brewed Projects of DOOM

  • SynodicExalted - Sidereals who have made a deal with the Underworld to fight the Malfeans.
  • DragonsHoard - A Telgar-written supplement detailing Dragon-Blooded Charms the way SolInvictus did for Solars. Also includes rules for more elemental Terrestrials.

Big Sections of Rules

Character Creation

  • For all non-Sidereal characters, I hand out 21 freebies. This gives players a chance to start out with Essence 3 and a few other nifty things. A number of my House Rules regarding Charms make Solar Charms have higher Essence, so it sort of balances out. But 21 freebies just makes it easier to start right off with really fun stuff. Like Wyld Hunts.
  • Sidereal Characters get 24, because they should be even with everyone else and their damn ability requirements but them pretty far behind on uniqueness. Just about every Jupiter-Caste Artificter will end up taking the same abilities if you don't play around with the Sidereal creation rules.
  • In addition, Celestial-employed Sidereals and Dynastic / Lookshy Dragon-Blooded may ignore up to 5 dots (2 for DB's) of their Ability requirements. This will lead to people looking down on them as incompetent in vital skills, but such is life.

Merits and Flaws

I love many of the new Merits and Flaws, they add a lot to the game. But some I find annoying and pointless. Systems for what should be simply roleplaying. Because of this, the following Merits and Flaws are not allowed in my games. I don't dislike ALL of these, but I think they're better handled as roleplaying experiances. If the character is in a game where the merit or flaw should be awarded points, it will be considered.

  • Common Sense (just do this anyway..)
  • True Love
  • Born to Rule
  • Favor
  • Terrestrial Bloodline
  • Heir
  • Priest
  • Sworn Brotherhood
  • Vice
  • Addiction
  • Nightmares
  • Barbarian
  • Secrets
  • Disciple
  • Enemy
  • Known Anathema
  • Wanted
  • Pacifist
  • Weak Willed.


  • Dragon Tear Tiaras are level 1 Artifacts.
  • Articulated or Superheavy Artifact Plate is a level 3 Artifact with one additional power, approved by the ST.
  • Anything below a Articulated Plate is a level 2 or level 1 Artifact with one additional power, approved by the ST.
  • Any normal Artifact Weapon can have a single additional power, approved by the ST.
  • Smashfists cost 3 motes to attune.
  • Jade Powerbows have the following bonuses when harmonized: +2 Rate, +100 Range.
  • Soulsteel Powerbows have the following bonuses when harmonized: +1 Accuracy against the Living, Essence Drain.


  • Followers, Henchmen, Cult and Command are avalible to all character types with the exception of Sidereals, who must take Aquaintance and Lookshy / Realm DB's who may not have Cult.