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Character creation will be as normal with a few exceptions. All characters start with 21 bonus points.

They should be constructed with future advancement in game in mind, not starting power. I won't call you on it if you do it for starting power, but you'll be less powerfull as time goes on if you do.

All exalt types - and 'other' types - are allowed, but not all *characters* will be. Specifically, the GM reserves the right to veto characters who are too anti-heroic or determinedly lone-wolf to play with the rest of the group.

All characters get one free merit. Merits over 7 points in value may be subject to a GM chosen flaw at the GM's option. I -will- tell you, if so. But don't expect to start with the eye of Autochuton without having Cejop Kojack as your personal enemy, kay?

You can take two free merits if you want, but then you definitely get a flaw. Flaws will *probably* be related to your merits.

So, if your female character takes 'Legendary Dexterity', and 'Legendary Appearance' do not be surprised if I tell you you have a maximum essence 5 strength of 4.

Likewise, your asskicker who takes 'legendary stamina and legendary strength' probably has a max dex of 4.

This really only applies if you take two merits free. If you pay for them with points, it explicitly does not apply unless you take 7 point or higher merits.

Also, if you chose to purchase flaws, expect them to be part of your character's theme. I won't ignore them. Nor will I ignore your anima theme and character concept. This also applies to merits.

The campaign will start in threshold, so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that at least the first bit of it probably will not involve much combat against other exalts, unless PC's are phenominally determined to fight them. Which would get you plenty of xp, but might get you dead.


You will get more xp than normal. Specifically, you will be getting a base of 5 xp with bonuses for: 3 die stunts, making your own decisions and acting on them, well played limit breaks, special effort to be in character, and anything else the gm reserves the right to hand out extra xp for.

Training times may be waved by the GM if you can show that you have put in a great deal of use of a skill or ability. They may also give extra XP if you RP your training time well, or devote significant IC time to training it on a volentary basis.

At least one story, legend, saying, or bit of the mythology of creation will be connected mystically to any celestial exalt. Other celestial exalts, mortal prophets and certain gods may recognize your spark by it. You are encouraged to make up this story about your past self.

If you don't, rest assured the GM will, and it will come up in the campaign.

There may, of course, be more.


Hmm, I like these, they would seem to create a nice epic feel with differentiated characters, and a nice high starting base power, but without sacrificing any room for growth. I may adopt some if ever running a similar game.
-- Darloth

I second Darloth; I like these a lot, and while it sounds like you'll definitely get exceptional PCs, the power level seems about right to sustain a campaign without anybody going super-uber. (I am very much fond of the "there probably won't be much combat unless you're really desperate" bit, but that may be my own campaign tone biases talking. Constant Exalt-bash sessions get old, fast.) -- AntiVehicleRocket