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Completed Rules

All of the following are houserules that I have created. Most of them are playtested lightly, if at all, so your mileage may vary. Anyone playtesting these ideas should feel free to drop by and note how they worked.

Power Ceiling Exalted - My vast and sweeping house rules.

General Rules
Artifact Creation - Revisions to artificery.
Difficulty Guide - My personal guide to determining difficulties.
Experience-Based Progression - The more you know, the harder it is to learn new things.
Strength Revision - Does it bother anyone else how little high Strength does?
Size Revisions - Creating Size Categories for Exalted.
Virtue Alterations - Examples of alternate Virtues.
Revised Weapons and Armor - Modifying weapons and armor.
Time In The Wyld - A shot at guidelines for how time passes funny.

Essence Rules
Enlightened Mortals - Mixing First and Second Edition to create a simple system for mortals with Essence.
Elders' Insights - Second draft. Transforming characters past Essence 6.
Revised High-Essence Charms - First draft. A very different approach to passing Essence 5.
Revised Combo Creation Rules - A kinder, gentler combo system.

Expanded Backing Rules - Putting a bit of crunch into Backing.
Familiar Rules - A simple upgrade to familiar power levels.
Level Six Backgrounds - Advancing Backgrounds to Level 6.

Alternate Solar Limit - I will probably not use this, but it's a thought.
Revised Commoners and Unenlightened - Tweaking the Fair and Mountain Folk.
Reducing Alchemicals - Rebalancing the Alchemicals as Terrestrial-level Exalts.

Spirit Weapons And Crypt Bolt Comparisons

Incomplete Rules

Yeah, just musings here. May be finished some time. But probably won't, let's be honest.

FrivYeti/CometaryExalts - The Exalted of the comets.
The Nihilic Exalted - Abyss-tainted Lunars.
System Crack - A massive rewrite of chunks of the system, using the main setting. Never going to be finished.
Abstracted Governer System - For the enterprising Dynast out there.
Mortal Combos - A Second Edition version of making heroic mortals more, well, heroic.
Simplified Mass Combat - Just because.

Complete Settings (Second Edition)

The following are settings that I've fnished working on, and could be played.

FrivYeti/SteelAndGlass - A World of Steel and Glass, one possible Exalted 'modern' setting that uses a different approach.
FrivYeti/HeroicExalts - Autochthon's Heroic Exalted in the post-Alchemical arrival world. (Second Edition Charms incomplete.)
Lore One Exalted - What do you get the player who knows everything? (Hopefully, this isn't only my work).

Incomplete Settings (Second Edition)

The following settings are mostly the result of a deranged mind. Mostly, they're works in progress that may be finished some day.

FrivYeti/Enlightened - Low-power Exalted? Perish the thought!
FrivYeti/ShatteredWorld - A broken world must be renewed.
FrivYeti/Sorcerer - No swords in this Sword and Sorcery!
FrivYeti/Wyldspan - A really, really weird version of spacefaring Exalted. Really weird.
FrivYeti/Lunars2e - A revision for 2e Lunars, before they even come out! I can pretty much guarantee that normal 2e Lunars won't look quite like this.
FrivYeti/Radiant, which will never ever be completed.