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This page is for Sidereal Information.


  • The Bronze Faction: Sidereals who support the current version of the Realm.
  • The Gold Faction: Sidereals who believe the returned Solars are the best thing since sliced bread.
  • The Silver Faction: Sidereals who think the Lunars are Creation's best hope.
  • The Iron Faction: (very non-canonical) Sidereals who think the DeathLords have the right idea.

Presumably there could also be a faction devoted to the Yozis (BrassFaction?), a faction that's all hots for Autochthonia (GearFaction?), a faction for the DragonKings (ScaleFaction?), and maybe even one for ordinary mortals (ClayFaction?).


There was a page here somewhere detailing Sidereal combat tactics, likely charm combinations etc but I can not seem to find it now. Could somebody point me in the right way please. Eldmar

Dumb question, along the line of the StrangeSolarTricks - With "Ceasing to Exist Approach", you can become, effectively, someone else. This is nigh-impenetrable to anyone except those outside of Fate, and those on or above the level of the Maidens. Thus, the maidens can always tell who you are. But other Sidereals? Not so much. Is it possible to 'cheat the system' in regards to learning things like Sidereal styles, gaining access to secret Gold/Bronze faction meetings, and perhaps even getting cosignatories on documents? (Think of it - adopting an identity with Allies 5 "Important God in the Bureau", and then convincing him to co-sign a "friend's" astrology document - anytime you want. Next time, adopt another identity, and ask another god.) -- GregLink

The errata redirect seems to have a big problem with subpages. Every time it tries to go to Thus_Spake_Zargrabowski/SiderealErrata, the redirect is only seeing what's after the slash, and bouncing it back to the redirect page. Someone code-literate wanna fix that? ;) Also, the PDF's on the lensman's site no longer work, and either want to be deleted, or updated - should someone have copies of the data. - Molikai

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