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Since some people find the default Wiki Color Scheme to be distasteful or painful to read, this page offers a number of CSS sheets to be entered in the slot under Preferences. Please provide a short description of the CSS sheet and its address, as well as author, when posting them.

To actually make use of these go to Preferances and enter the URL in the box asking for Custom Style Sheet.

Alternate Style Sheets

Telgar 1

Telgar 2









http://www.geocities.com/fmneto/bluewhite_preview.jpg Blue&White





Would a preview image be helpful? It would save people the trouble of downloading and setting up the sheets just to see how they look.

You're right. I'm uploading mine now. -Nabeshin

How would one make a CSS sheet? I'm curious. ~StarHawk

Link leads to an introduction to CSS. Basically, just create a text file with some style definitions in it, then have the Wiki send your browser that file as the stylesheet file to use by editing your Preferences. -- BillGarrett

I think all the sheets that were on Geocities are no longer working or something. --BrilliantRain

I'll take a guess and say that's because there is no Geocities anymore. - LeumasWhite
Should we maybe take them down then or fix them or something? Is it possible to host the CSS sheets on the wiki? --BrilliantRain
Well, you'd have to ask Xyphoid about the latter, and contact the various creators to see if they still have them. I doubt they were especially complex, though, since most of the preview images just seem to be fonts and colours. It wouldn't be much work to make your own. - LeumasWhite