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The Celestial Bureaucracy

Being a Roster of the Gods of Yu-Shan.

From the Celestial Incarna down to the lowest of servitor-deities, a host of myriad spiritual entities throngs through the streets of the Celestial City. Here you'll find a list of all of the known gods and spirits in Heaven. Canonical beings are in plaintext; those created by fans are italicized or linked to. Ideally, all of the fan-made gods will have little descriptions.

The Celestial Incarna

The celestial incarna are the most powerful of the gods.

Some in Creation consider Gaia one of the celestial incarna, though this is technically incorrect, as she is one of the primordials. (see Games of Divinity, pg. 8)

The Five Bureaus

Uncategorized Gods

Some explanations of the Celestial Bureaucracy


I know my CrownedSun/ThousandRiversCourt should go here somewhere (maybe?), but where? They're Terrestrial Gods, but would they fit into the Bureau of Nature (type; Rivers; rivers of the east) or the Bureau of Humanity (under the Eastern God). Maybe a separate page for entire Courts?? -- CrownedSun

I've no idea how Spirit Courts should work in regard to this. On the one hand, they do seem to be answerable to Yu-Shan, but on the other hand, they don't actually seem to be present in Yu-Shan. Perhaps we should have yet another page for Spirit Courts? - Quendalon
That's what I was thinking; Yu-Shan and TheTerrestrialSphere seem to be different things. So they probably deserve different pages. I find the Courts a bit more interesting than Yu Shan itself (unless I was running a Sidereal game, in which case that'd be flip-flopped...) --CrownedSun

Are we purposefully omitting Gaia, or did we just forget? - Seiraryu

Gaia is a Primordial, and technically not part of any court or bueaurcracy, nor is she ever mentioned as taking part in the Games of Divinity or living in Heaven. Like Autochthon, she's a special case. -LiOfOrchid

Molikai, I put DikanchouDayang INTO the Bureau of Humanity... gods aren't linked outside. Take a look and move his statino around if you disagree with his placement. --UncleChu

Looks OK to me, UC. - Molikai