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Davidl's Page of Transcendant Exalted Wonderfulness

Players in my RPGnet PbP game, I've put characters up atDavidl/PbPHalta. I'll keep them as up-to-date as possible.

Howdy. My name's Dave, as you might expect, and I'm a 30-year-old American living and teaching in Japan. The upswing of which being that all my gaming is done online these days, since while my Japanese is servicable, it's not good enough to roleplay in. So here are characters for the 2 PBEM campaigns I'm involved in, as well as a bunch of stuff I've made up in my free time that I'll probably never get to use. I'm a very occasional poster at RPGnet and a dedicated lurker at the WW forums.

Favorite Exalt Types: I really do dig the Solar "chosen by god to kick righteous butt in the name of justice", but most of my character ideas seem to be Lunars recently. In addition toDavidl/EightCurses, who is the character I'm most aching to play, I have a southwestern vaguely polynesian shark-totemed war leader with 25 barbarian pirates in outrigger canoes, and of course the scary wrestling crab god guy. (Yeah, I've been on a kick with aquatic totems.) Probably I like the unabashed "violence as a solution to any problem" Lunars tend to espouse, for the same reason I dig on Werewolf in the WoD. Dragon-Bloods are a strong third. I get some cool characters there - the limited charm selection forces you to specialize with a starting character, which I usually don't do. (SeeDavidl/VneefKaralan for an example.) Plus their richly-detailed culture just makes character ideas pop out really easily. Sidereals come next - they're cool and all, but I seem to have trouble with interesting character concepts. (AlthoughDavidl/EmeraldSkyDancer has started pulling at me lately... Still, as a character concept he's pretty vanilla, and I'm at a loss for anything else.) Abyssals I can't get behind at all; the fact that they're fated to kill the world and are pretty much required to enjoy doing it makes it hard for me to like them. I guess that's the point of them, though, heh.

And then there's God-Blooded! Curse you, Player's Guide! Lots of cool potential there: I'm currently infatuated with the Demon-Blooded Onyx Blossom, the first character I actually wrote fiction for. There's potential coolness with Fae-Blooded too, I think - I'm torn between making a Half-Troll with lots of Goblin Body and a Noble-born with Transcendent Dream Shape. Elemental God-Bloods could be cool as well, but Ghost-Bloods and Half-Castes don't do much for me, aside from the observation that Abyssal Half-Castes are basically Vampires. Dragon-Kings could be cool in their own little game. An ancient, leading 3 or 4 Follower dots worth of essence 2 semi-civilized DKs to reclaim a lost city could be fun.

Other RPGs: I did find Exalted via the WoD, but never really did too much gaming there. I ran a very fun PBEM Mage game for a few years, and used that as an excuse to get the entire line of books, but the angst is a bit much for me - which is probably why I ended up running Mage, and why I like Werewolf second best. I also really dig the Aeonverse, playing in another long-running PBEM game of Trinity and dying to sink my teeth into Adventure! I've played some Shadowrun and a little WEG Star Wars, and like most guys my age played a bunch of D&D when I was a lad. I wouldn't mind playing now, actually. I'm also dying to get some Nobilis going, but I don't think that'd work too well by e-mail and I need better Japanese before trying it out here.

Other hobbies: I'm involved in a monthly-meeting wargaming group here, and we play anything and everything by Games Workshop. I have an altogether-too-large Tyranid army, but I've sort of lost interest since the flap over cutting off web merchants and haven't bought anything new in quite a while. I still get a kick out of playing, though.

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I'm one of those guys who makes characters just for fun, so a good number of these guys have never and probably will never see actual use in a game. Feel free to mine them for NPCs or whatever.




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Hi Davidl! Welcome to the wiki. Thanks for all the content you're providing! (Hopefully I'll get the chance to look at it soon.) And while you're here, could you please organize stuff under appropriate file paths? Thanks! - Quendalon

Hmm. Hopefully this is what's meant by appropriate. How do you delete pages with no content? -Davidl

Hey yo! Funny that there are at least two Wikizens that are Americans teaching in Japan. I'm down in Kagoshima, how about you? Fortunately I'm headin' back Statewards in a few months. Still will stick to playing online, I imagine. Anyhoo, yeah, hi! --UncleChu

David - I've been interested in PBEM for a while now, but never quite took the plunge yet. Would you be willing to put up a primer, or perhaps a sequence of emails from one of your games, such that those of us who don't have any PBEM experience can see if it's right for us? -- GreenLantern, with no local gaming friends who work a similar schedule