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A Taxonomy of Madness

Being a Roster of the Yozis and their Wycked, Vyle Minionns.

Yozis are Primordials who surrendered in the PrimordialWar.

This is a compilation of beings that you can use to populate Malfeas. Canonical beings are in plaintext; those created by fans are italicized or linked to. My goal is to have at least two Third Circle demons for each Yozi, each having two Second Circle progeny and those each having two of the First Circle. Ideally, all the things we make up will also have little descriptions.

Some notes on writing demons: First and Second-Circle demons are summoners' tools; the ideal demon of these circles has some unique capability or an unusual willingness to be used in a particular manner; including traits like what signals a demon's presence, what things attract and repel it, and what it thinks and desires are useful pieces of information for a summoner, and make a writeup cooler and more interesting. Third Circle demons are complex and powerful beings in their own right - they often have a geographical and a personal form, as well as a distinct relationship to one or more other demons and Yozis. This applies to a lesser extent to the Second Circle as well.

(By the way, in case anyone's curious, the term "Yozi" comes from a story titled "When the Gods Slept" by Lord Dunsany. - Quendalon)

  • Possibly a Yozi: Vitalius, The Forest of Gold

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The following pages are generated automatically by software which scrapes the Yozi pages above, and reorganizes the data by demon circle.

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