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This is just a joke and homage to some animal-themed-net-avatar friends. If you are not one of them, disregard this page.

The Circle of the Shapeless Tower

Somewhere between Legend and Dream, where a Gryphon sings, stands the Shapeless Tower. A Freehold held by Lunars, it reshapes itself on the whim of its occupants, who play harmless games of Shaping Combat within, as well as practicing the arts of storytelling and building whole figures, their ‘children’ and societies from whole cloth from the Wyld around, which they constantly elaborate and perfect upon....

Selina de Windia, the Dark Angel
Raven Totem
No Moon
The assassin with wings black as night and platinum hair down to her knees. The mistress of the shadows in the moonless night, the bane of the North, the terror of Nexus, an accomplished duelist, courtier, infiltrator, sorceress and necromancer, she knows a little bit of everything, even if her powers are heavily slanted towards the mastery of the arts of killing and necromancy. In her Ascension, she becomes Hyrokkin, a monster of the north, but it is rumored that she has another form – one like a giant black lizard that shines in gold, like orichalcum wreathed in the darknest night, the Empress of Golden Darkness. An exiled noblewoman, she carries herself as a queen, and is often in the Circle’s forefront! Learned in matters of military history and able to remember most all of the Realm’s and Lookshy’s battles, she has used such knowledge to great efficacy in the Circle’s battles. And finally, she creates beautiful daughters out of the Wyld, dangerous as herself, whom she cares for greatly.

Raven Guardian Kazuki
Raven Totem
Full Moon
Most silent member of the Circle, and pehaps also the deadliest, at times one might wonder if he is even there at all. But he is, always. Protector first and assassin second, he has taken a Raksha lady to protect, or was taken by her according to some, but all know he would protect and uphold her with his life. Once those roles were reversed, however, and he remains the deadliest swordsman of the Circle, mastering a number of Martial Arts Techniques, including the Violet Bier of Sorrows, his Tell feathers that shine in blood and red. Despite his dangerous and silent nature, he has the soul of an artist, being a painter of great skill, and one who likes to paint new lives, new styles, as a martial arts sifu of great insight and kindness.

Arcahan, the Silver Sage
Owl Totem
No Moon
Some say the Old Owl has been alive for as long as mountains have been standing. Some say he knows more about Sorcery than any other on Creation, specially apt at the intrincacies and inner works of communicative sorcery. Carrying the Tear of Luna on his forehead, the old Sage – and his trusty sidekick, the behemoth Hakrei, once a prince of the great Wyld, related to Balor himself – walks over Creation, weaving mystical, enchanting tales with the multihued smoke of his Moonsilver pipe... him and the Dark Angel are rarely on amiable grounds, and despite being great friends that spend much of their time together, their clashes and great, furious, and leave a great trail of scorched land on their wake...

Cat Totem
Waxing Moon
One of the most talented member of the Circle, the white cat is a vibrant being of pure action – he can always be found creating and running things, usually more successful than he realizes. Romantic, Perverted, Abrasive, Violent and often in the throes of the Great Curse, he nevertheless strives to protect all the Circle, which he holds more dear to himself than his own life. Contact with the Wyld before he was ready to shape it has left odd scars upon the Cat and he possesses the unique ability to suffer not only from one Great Curse after another, but sometimes many at once. From mad passion to creative fury and plummeting straight into relentless self-doubt, he is a being ruled by his emotions. Yet in the face of all this change, he remains uniform in who he is – a genius and a bringer of unity to the Circle.

Racoon Totem
Waning Moon
An old friend of Kazuki’s, the Racoon is a trickster and a jester, one who tends to vanish and return at random times, but is always able to create unusual things, for his amusement and others'. Amiable and nearly harmless, and yet able to trick and amuse all. Quite skilled at those ideas, and their strange applications! Tends to sleep in a trashcan, which is at times buried or welded shut!

Johann, the Kraken
Squid Totem
No Moon
Hailing from the cold isles of the Northwest, once a great Thaumathurge that deeply understood the intrincacies of the many complicated formulas and rituals, he is now far, far more than that. He journeyed to the depths of the oceans as a great squid, and now understands much of the workings of existence itself, and teaches them to a new generation, along with all the sorceries he has learned, which he uses to create ephemeral children out of the Wyld, each more beautiful than the next, with a bold flair and a flashy appearance. He also uses this knowledge to scrutinize the works of his fellow Chosen with a mind clear and cold as the sea. He is currently undertaking an even greater project, however, trying to create a new breed of Exalted, ‘The Imbued’.... rumors he has become a giant atomic menace are believed to be simply that, rumors. As are the ones that he has been seen as a top hat.

Wolf Totem
Waxing Moon
A fountain of creation, chosen by the Muse to spread her word, the Wolf is a creative force few can hope to match. Quick to anger and sharp with his teeth, he is always engaged in something... cities, societies, powers, and many, many Wyld-children... projects of the most wide spectrum, each and every one more unusual than the next, many a constant, growing effort to empower mortals and god-blooded to the level of excellence achieved by the Exalted. He is currently looking unto the rumors of angelic entities named ‘The Empyrean’ and relating all he has found, dangerously close to discovering the true Primordial grandeur of what he has found...

Crow Totem
Half Moon
Violent and brilliant, the Crow is a creative force, one that takes complex and detailed routes in his plans, confusing and strange, but always effective ones... but when he is to fight, he is a brawler through and through, who fights with the dirtiest tricks on the book! He has a great social life in the Great Forks, and one that leaves quite a bit of misadventures behind him, with former flames coming back as problems more often than not... his current project involves creating a whole universe out of the wyld, with great and imposing airships...

Cat Totem
Waxing Moon
The newest member of the Circle, a god-blooded with heavenly wings and a tinge of Yu-Shan everywhere she goes, serving as a priestess to her patrons as a Shrine Maiden at the Shapeless Tower, and as a servant to many of them, insisting in the maid outfit. However, she is pehaps the most intelligent and learned of them, and from a servile position, actually rules much of it, as she is the one who makes so much of the Circle run smoothly... she is a dabbler in many arts, like the celestial sorcery she uses with prayer strips, martial arts, and the basic ability of using her claws, as well as the heavenly heritage to appear as simply an adorable, holy miko.