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I don't really know what to write here. I never do. I always try to write something that could be found interesting by other people, but I fail miserably.

I am a 26 years old physics student from Brazil. I've played RPG for the last 8 years, and today Exalted is my favorite system.

It's pretty difficult being an RPG player here. There are not many specialized stores, and usually titles don't get translated, so we need to import basically everything that's not D&D. This makes RPG a rather expensive hobby...

Stuff I wrote

Most of this is setting-related, and so I believe it can be harmlessly used interchangeably between first and second editions.

Stuff I use

  • Hong/Limit - a wonderful set of custom rules for Solar Limit Breaks.

Other interesting stuff

A Few links:

  • RandomTableMadness - nice page in the wiki for randomly random stuff :-)
  • Big Book of Answers - very nice page, with a lot of ideas about the Great Curse and Laws of Nature on the Exalted Setting
  • Exalted at White Wolf - the page for Exalted at
  • Ed's Toolkits for Exalted - an excellent tool for creating and maintaining your Exalted characters
  • Anathema - another wonderful tool for creation and management of Exalted characters and campaigns, still on its early stages of development


Hey, hadn't noticed a fellow Brazilian on the wiki! ^_^ Shows how perceptive I am! Hey there, Nabeshin... and man, do I know your pain. I had to buy all my Exalted stuff from Amazon... at horrible, horrible costs ;_; And White Wolf... I forgot, but they charged an ABSURD ammount just to mail it. but anyways! Brazilians rule! Glad to see more around... and um, about the things to write up there... just write whatever! Worked for me. -- GoldenCat