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The Moth Chases Every Flame

Once there was a Maiden...
... who fluttered in a world of lights.
The brighter they shone, the more she loved.
But their hues clashed, and the maiden wept.
They shone brighter, and she loved them.
Their light hurt, and she loved them.
Love in her heart she stood between hues with a plea.
Burnt by light, she faded in joy.

This initiation was created by a No Moon Lunar Exalted, entranced by the different aesthetics of differently-flavored Essence. It deals with the appreciation for all manner of Essence and their burning use, as well as the protection of Essence-users against each other. For the Moth every flame is sacred.


Your Lovely Light
Cost: 4 motes
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Martial Arts: 3
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: None
Essence is bright, the most beautiful and enthralling fundamental light. Much like a Moth drawn to a flame the Adept learns how to be drawn to excesses of Essence, attuning her senses to the burning lights of Creation and the feel of unbridled joy as the tapestry is broken in fundamental fires and motes fill the sky like sparks. As long as this Charm is active the character is able to sense the use of Instant Charms in any action she can perceive. She receives a vague description of their effects(such as 'enhancing damage', 'enhancing ability' or 'protection') upon their activation, although she may only perceive Charm activations, and not the effects of ongoing Charms (although ongoing Charms with triggered may apply, at the Storyteller's call). This is an exhilirating experience, and should the adept witness the Iconic Anima of an Exalt or an effect on the level of Celestial Circle Sorcery she regain Willpower as if she had just fulfilled her Nature. This may happen any number of times per scene, although it can only happen once per given Exalt or Spell.

Your Burning Call
Cost: 4 motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Martial Arts: 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Your Lovely Light
Like a moth flying towards the flame, the Adept spreads Essence-wings and leaps towards the flicker of Essence in an enthralled daze! Whenever a target action enhanced with Essence is made anywhere within (the Adept's [Perception + Essence] x5 yards) and the Adept can perceive its use she may pay 4 motes to stand before it as its new target, replacing the older target entirely. If the Adept is successful in her defense, she regains 1 mote per minimum Essence dot required to the highest-prerequisite Charm used in the attack. This is only useful against a single strike, and must be used multiple times to take an onslaught for another. Area attacks will still damage the target regardless of the Adept moving into its area, however.

Initiation Effect

Dragon-Blooded who learn those Charms experience the Bulb of the Perfected Lotus and receive access to Celestial Martial Arts.