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Dragon-Blooded Anima Powers

This is a very, very subtle change to the Dragon-Blooded Anima Powers. The Water Aspect Anima Power had to become less situational, but as I follow Sol Invictus in the three Circles of Anima Powers, Dragon-Blooded only possess a single Anima Ability. Getting around that, I have given each Dragon-Blooded power two Expressions. Many of those in canon already had such Expressions.


  • Elemental Resonance: Wind Dance An Aspect of Air can spend 5 motes to attune his anima to the nearby winds, allowing them to bear him aloft, moving like a cloud in the sky, or falling like a mere feather. For the rest of the scene, he may triple his leaping distance and take no damage whatsoever from falls.


  • Elemental Resonance: Become the Mountain An Aspect of Earth can spend 5 motes to attune her anima to nearby stone, taking on the durability of Earth itself. For the rest of the scene, as long as her feet touch Earth or Stone, she adds her Essence to her Bashing and Lethal soaks, and reduces any sort of knockback effect by her essence in yards(it can be reduced to 0, and thus, she is not moved at all).


  • Elemental Resonance: Searing Majesty An Aspect of Fire can spend 5 motes to ignite her anima. For the rest of the scene, she is immune to fire damage, and anyone striking her without a weapon or wrestling with her takes a number of dice of lethal damage equal to the Chosen's Essence. If the character suceeds with an unarmed attack or wrestles with a character, her opponent receives a like ammount of damage. This damage is applied separately from any damage the character does with an attack, and armor applies to it.


  • Elemental Resonance: Dance of the Waves An Aspect of Water can spend 5 motes to attune his anima to the surrounding water. For the rest of the day, he becomes slightly slippery, increasing the difficulty of all attempts by his foes to strike or clinch him by 1, and he can breathe underwater, operating as freely as if he was on air, including firing bows and the like.


  • Elemental Resonance: Spring Petal Kata A Wood-Aspected Dragon-Blooded may spend 5 motes to attune herself to the local flora, becoming as durable flexible as a sapling in the wind. For the rest of the scene, she is immune to poison, and she may add her Essence in dice to a single Dodge or Athletics action once per turn. This power is reflexive, and so, the character can either add to a dice action or gain a free Dodge or Athletics action with a dice pool equal to her Essence.