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My spells!

Well, I know many people are against Solar Circle Sorceries that enhance one person. I happen not to be. I think they can be interesting and flavorful, and the things they do, really, only they could do. I have had them on my mind since a person I know made a Solar Circle enhancement that was a year-long invisible soak-enhancement... and it just did not *feel* to me like a Solar Sorcery, and I pictured in that moment what a Solar Circle Enhancement would be like. I know some people are against it, but let us agree to disagree, right? .. be Some of those effects echo the Prismatic Arrangement of Creation. Again, there is a very good reason - it is a Style that not only do I love, but I always thought was very much Sorcerous - you become an Automaton and a Living Manse - before the Sidereal Hardback, that was a Sorcerous thing. In the Core, and... until then, really, Martial Arts were... Martial Arts, and Sorcery did transmutation - Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, Incomparable Body Arsenal, Wood Dragon's Claw... I always liked those, but they seemed to fall by the wayside. So I am spicing up this niche of Sorcery I always found fascinating.

One thing to consider is how things work in many spells - Incomparable Body Arsenal lasts for hours and allow you to easily recover the Essence spent to activate it. A spell that works for only one hour, or less, or requires a sacrifice great enough not to be used often, will likely be stronger than it. Different type, different situations, different usefulness. Another thing is visuals - Sorcery is *limitless*. A variaton of a spell may look completely different from Sorcerer to Sorcerer. I have to remind myself of that and try not to make them vague and open to stunt like Charms - it seems to me Spells are always the same, but there are as many variations as there are Sorcerers(and I play a Sorcerer whose version of Wood Dragon's Claws are liquid black diamond, and whose version of the Eye and the Mouth is a melodiously-singing bird of paradise... and Mela's Resplendent Wings, below, may make Angel Wings, or Garda Wings, or Leathery Bat Wings or even Mechanical Clockwork Wings...)

Emerald Circle Spells

Few of the simplest Sorceries...

Sapphire Circle Spells

Control of Dreams and Diaries and wonders - as well as a thousand mineral bodies!

Adamant Circle Spells

The mightiest power known to Creation.


I really enjoyed these. I didn't even pay much attention to the mechanics or power level, as I thoroughly enjoyed them. Good work. -- GreenLantern

Thank you. Muchly ^^ Took awhile to put it here because... I kept trying to think of something more to say. But I can't! ~GoldenCat