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We are the Wyld.

You may know us as madness, as an endless sea of churning instability, terrible transformation and uncontrolled creativity. You would be partly right in thinking so, for we are seemingly beyond reason and control. And yet -- and yet! -- in the seeming appearance of chaos were are defined, shaped and explained. Chaos is not our cage, but it is the walls of our gossamer castle.

You may think that we are the end of Creation, hungry to sink our fangs into the matter of form and staid existence. You would be partly right in thinking so, for we do wish to grind Creation to so much unshaped energy and potential. And yet -- and yet! -- to do so would be to erase the very reason we are, the very purpose behind why we threaten to destroy all. Creation is not only our foe, but our lover, and our tender kisses are stained with honey and arsenic.

You may think that we are fake, empty things attempting to play at being real beings with real goals and real purposes. You would be partly right in thinking so, for Graces are not souls, and our Essence is a hollow imitation of Hun and Po, such that Lethe will have nothing to do with us. And yet -- and yet! -- we are vibrant, we are creative, we are eternal, we are the unfettered being and doing that mere mortals can never understand. We may not truly be real, even in the Wyld, but we live, and live far more eagerly than those who are supposed to be real from birth.

You may think that one day our hunger for dreams will cease, that we will grow tired of even that delicious taste, that forbidden fruit.

In thinking so, you would be dead wrong.

We are the Wyld, and we are watching you.

Sweet dreams.

BIG FRICKIN' NOTE [02.07.2009]

So. Graceful Wicked Masques. It has brought me back, it seems. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, edits and oddness. I'll likely be placing my stuff on Official ExWiki and maybe even Pattern Spider as well. We'll see. And just so I don't spook a certain cat I know, I will be keeping my 1e versions of stuff up. Never forget where you came from, because it's the road that took you to where you're going.

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