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Silver Masks

A slightly different system for the Lunar Exalted, based on my Children of the Shifting Moon and melding it with many assumptions from 2nd Edition Lunars. There is much to like there, and much I thought they did not do well, and crossing both assumptions gave me entirely new ideas... which I have made into this page!

The changes are similar to the old ones. They now possess Five castes, and favor Attributes. The Totem is now a background, and the difference between weak and strong Totems is vast. They can enter into Hybrid Forms, be it Beastmen that are a joining of men and beast, Ascension, an expression of the changing incarna, or Unity, to become one with one's familiar. They can now make Beastmen by all manners of ways. They now possess illusions, deceiving shapeshifting, beauty and tactics, which are different from Solar Leadership, or Sidereal well-rehearsed battle formations. They now possess many charms relating to serving, becoming great defenders of a nation, of a person, as Stewards, invincible silver-clad samurais and protector-knights.

Also, the evolution of many of those Charms to middle-essence - the levels around 4 and 5 - are made to compare with those in Sol Invictus, as well as their Animas - a twofold symmetry to the Solar's threefold symmetry, as the second step on the Terrestrial, Celestial and Solar hierarchies. Although Sol Invictus is not needed, it is heartily recommended! As noted, it is also influenced by many concepts seen in the 2nd Edition Lunars, with many of its Charms converted to First Edition.

Many Faces

Protectors. Predators. Tricksters.
Inhuman. Chaotic. Change itself.

The first line of defense of Creation. They fight the chaos and take it within themselves, wielding it as wondrous weapons.

All of them possess a Totem. It shapes who they are, most of their Tells, their nature and personality - that, and the other way around. The Totem is an expression of self - who the Lunar is to have Chosen it, who the Totem is to have chosen him. It gets the Lunar's vision of it, the Alpha Wolf, the Lone Wolf, the Winter Wolf. This essence is distilled in their powers, and the Lunars even go so far as to pour their Divine Essence on their totems... becoming Behemoths based on them, and yet, unique. Their power is on their inhumanity, to the Solar's humanity. Their power is natural, protean and chaotic to the Sidereal's ordered ways and fixed essence patterns. And while the Raksha play at being humans, the Lunars play at being inhuman, held tightly by a fragment of their identity as they give themselves to Change...


  • Character Creation - How to create Lunar Exalted.
  • Library of Shape - How to create the many forms Lunars can don.
  • Mechanics - Attribute against Ability Charms, Shapeshifting, from Blood Costs to Shapeshifting Actions, an Overview of True Forms, of the use of Tell, and more. all the miscellaneous systems and information concerning the powers, weakness and general state of being of the most inhuman of all Exalted.
  • Glossary - A glossary of some of the mechanical terms used in these pages.


  • Totem - The Lunar's Spirit Shape, their soul and offsprings.
    • Harmony - Harmony with the inner beast and the ability to draw on it for power.
    • Breeding - bringing forth beastmen.
  • Shapeshifting - Their many silver masks.
  • Selfcraft - The many ways with which they can change their bodies.
    • Shape - Defining the Lunar's mastery over her shape.
    • Swarm - Becoming more than one body, born of blood.
    • Weapon - Protean flesh, the greatest of weapons.
    • Limbs - Fighting with ten arms as easily as two.
  • Shapecraft - The ability to create, fix and change all other forms.
    • Blood Reshaping - Reforming with that most precious of liquids: Blood.
    • Craft - Making things of permanence.
    • Moonsilver - Manipulating Luna's Metal.
    • Tattoo - Scribing silver tattoos on the skin
    • Home - Making a place yours with the gift of blood.
  • Hunt - To hunt from mortals to primordial monsters.
    • Killing - To bring swift, graceful death.
    • Pursuit - To catch the prey as they flee.
  • Grace - To move with grace unparalleled.
    • Grace - To move with grace unparalleled.
    • Evasion - To sidestep with swiftness.
    • Guard - To block with skill unmatched.
  • Might - The might of the Moon.
    • Prowess - To move the unmovable.
    • Force - To shatter foes with a single blow.
    • Hold - To wrestle the mightiest.
    • Destruction - Smashing aside mundane protections
    • Rage - Luna's Relentless Fury
  • Resilience - To survive all harm.
    • Deprivation - To keep on going, deprived even of the basic necessities
    • Armour - To fortify the body
    • Harm - To endure and remove all injury.
    • Substance - To deal with the many noxious substances in Creation
  • Insight - To understand the world.
    • World Sensing - To know things that cannot be seen.
    • Empathy - To know another person.
    • Focus - To know the secrets of the world.
    • Memory - To know what has gone before.
    • Pattern - To know the shape of things.
    • Tactics - To know of the battlefield and swift planning
  • Concealment - Out of sight, out of mind.
    • Disguise - Hiding the features of the body.
    • Hide - Out of sight, out of mind.
    • Feint - Immediate misdirections
    • Veil - Removing the illusions of others.
  • Essence - To shift ten thousand lights.
    • Spirit - Sensing and fighting with spirits.
    • Geomancy - Reshaping creation's essence to your will: Sorcery and more.
  • Wild - To survive and control the natural world.
    • Wilderness - Surviving the elements.
    • Beast - Controlling the animals
    • Avatar - Becoming an animal avatar
    • Empower - Empowering bestial companions
    • Territory - Marking and staking territory.
  • Interaction - The many social subleties.
    • Attraction - Dealing with raw attraction.
    • Tales - Telling stories of imagination.
    • Emotion - Toying with emotions.
    • Dream - Shaping dreams and nightmares.
  • Society - To create, live in, change and protect the world.
    • Protector - Guarding another chosen one.
    • Steward - Becoming the right hand of the king.
    • Pack - Running with the pack
    • Culture - Changing the course of civilizations.

Tarnished Silver

  • The Chimera - Twisted by Chaos, the True Nature of Lunars, their Darkest Secret.