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In a trashcan near you..

Hi there. I'm Raccoon... I've always been that in one form or another OOC, in dozens of different genres (and a few fanfic places). My latest addiction is, of course, Exalted. This page will hold my various character sheets... and... that sort of thing. I'll get those up before too long. Probably. Maybe.

Raccoon's Active Characters!

Shock! Amaze! I'm in a game... well, will be.

V'Neef Ferox Mazin - An officer of the Legions on a run of bad luck, with a superior as an enemy, and a fighting force reduced to a single fang. Made for DarkSirenSally's Ember Days.

Gawain - A young Night Caste who sees himself as a hero who defends the weak and helpless, even when those weak and helpless people call him Anathema and point the Wyld Hunt in his direction. Made for Dark Siren Sally & Kazuki's Co-STed "Fixing Creation" game: Belladonna & Blackbird. What a mouthful.

Raccon's Poor Inactive Characters of the Imagination!

Aizen - A Waning Moon Lunar who happens to hate Luna and has, for the most part, left the Silver Pact and the other Lunars. For Goldencat's MAgame, transferred down to inactive until it actually starts.

Deckart Snapjaw - The lizardy Lunar.

Kei - The cute little thief girl.

Child of the Forest - Brand, a God-Blood

Van the Barbarian - Not your average barbarian...

Diritas - I wonder if anybody will even want this guy in a game...

Nil - A concept character using Goldencat's Lunar rules.

Salax - An Abyssal who, despite corrupting Solars for his liege, does his best to ease the suffering of the living without giving them the peace of death. Just a concept.

Sun-Graced Shadow - A follower by nature, yet without a cause. He lives in a manse high up in the mountains, nearly unreachable except by air, and wields a pair of strange artifacts which always get a few stares.

Raccoon's Imagination

These are ideas I'm toying with and possibly not entirely committed towards. As I'm still new to Exalted, anything I put down here isn't necessarily set into stone, because of that lack of familiarity. So please... criticism is good if you're nice about it, but don't jump on me if I get something glaringly wrong or if something is impossible. Thanks. ^.^

A Society of Heaven - A possible Bleach campaign >.> It'll be a while until I'm confident enough to run my own...

If I'm not in your local garbage can...

If you have the desperate urge to contact me, there's many many ways to do this. If I don't get back to you right away... um... I'm probably not ignoring you. I just get distracted by shiny things and occasionally forget stuff...

But nevermind that!

Email!: Raccoondreamer at tampabay dot rr dot com
MSN: Look up again. There's a pattern.

Conspirators, Friends, and other types

  • DarkSirenSally - Or you may know her as Mieu. Her talented writing forced me to track her down to her mailing list in order to sing her praises and worship her... and then through some strange twist of fate, got invited into her inner circle of Fangirls!... who for the most part weren't girls at all. Teehee.
  • Kazuki - This is Mieu's husband, her beau, her... love-monkey. He's cool. Another great writer though I've only seen a bit of it. He plays the dark assassiny types who would fill my cute, fluffy body full of icky stab wounds if I cross them. Horrible, no?
  • GoldenCat - This feline I know as Colapso, and not very well. He's one of the conspirators that got me interested in Exalted with the day in and day out talking about it. >.>
  • Greymane - Yet another conspirator. Not much else to say just yet.
  • Kraken - Kraken's very helpful and friendly when it comes to this Exalted thing. He seems to be in a dozen games at the moment, so he's one of the ones I go to for help.
  • Morrigu - This one shall now be known as... demon geeky gamer girl! Yes. Go to the page and maybe it'll make sense. She's also responsible for getting me to play this Audition game.
  • Selina - Another female conspirator!
  • Seiraryu - This one's... male, I believe. Maybe. A dragon of some sort. Hope it doesn't eat me.
  • SlipNine - This one I know as Rin. And... that's it. Yep. I'll probably have more to say about these people later.

Leave a sticky note on the can if you will...

"Hi there, if I'm not in my can at the moment -- boy that sounds bad -- leave a message after the beep... Um... beep."