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The Brass Epitet of Existence

Once there was a Maiden...
... who walked to the end of the world.
There, she found a Gate, and she realised,
That the end, was actually the beggining.
Crying, she asked the Gate a question!
And the Gate said "Yes."
Smiling, she walked back to the world...
... but it wasn't the Maiden anymore.

The Brass Epitet Initiation deals with the teachings and edicts of the Yozi. Although this Initiation is usually the Path of corruption for Exalted of Infernal disposition, many of those who would hunt the spawn of the Yozi dabble in its teachings, damning as they may be. It is taught by Demons who impart the secrets of the Martial Arts, as the greatest secrets among Yozi Cults, and in forbidden scrolls of Heaven.


Brass Existence Eyes
Cost: 5 motes
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Martial Arts: 3
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: None
Closing her eyes and meditating in the nature of the Primordials, the Martial Artist attunes her Essence patterns to those of Malfeas. When her eyes open, her irises are akin to brass constructs shot through with the light of green flames. For the remainder of the Scene, whenever she lays her eyes upon a Demon she learns its name, title, Circle and Yozi, receiving a vague idea of its abilities. When witnessing a Demon whose presence is before her but somehow hidden from her sight, such as in possession of another being, the Martial Artist may roll her Perception+Martial Arts with a difficulty equal to the Demon's Essence. If the Martial Artist is successful she is able to gaze upon the Demon despite through any such obstacles.

Brass City Dance
Cost: 3 motes
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Martial Arts: 4
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: Brass Existence Eyes
Tuning out the sounds of Creation, the Martial Artist hears older sounds. The sounds of Yozi songs, the beautiful music that is so honest within Demon City Malfeas. Dancing to this rhytm she discovers that her interactions with the denizens of the Demon City become facilitated, as she speaks their language and understands their manneirisms, and knows their movements, and anticipates their strikes! For the remainder of the Scene, the Martial Artist has the dice pools of all her interactions with Demons and Infernal Exalted increased by her Performance score.

Initiation Effect

Dragon-Blooded who learn those Charms experience the Bulb of the Perfected Lotus and receive access to Celestial Martial Arts. All those who learn those Charms receive the Whispers Background at one dot. Those are the Whispers of the Yozi, which they now understand, which they are now kin of. It can then be increased in the normal fashion.