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Lair of the Blood Red Raven

Welcome to this humble corner of the vast Wiki, which I have made my own! I go by the name of Kazuki, but if you have met me before, you might know me as Shoju, Blackout, Jon, or any combination of all those (and perhaps others)... I am faily new and inexperienced at Exalted, really - I had played one or two sessions when the first core book came out, but did not get to really dig in the setting until fairly recently (I have my conspiring friends and my wife to thank for that -_^).

This page is around mainly as a repository for the various character ideas I have, some for ongoing campaigns and some done merely for my personal enjoyment (a lot of the character concepts I have used in the past translate pretty well into Exalted, and almost always end up fitting strangely well as sidereal exalts :P) I have come to love the Exalted setting, where the possibilities seem quasi endless, and allows me to play the character types that are dear to my heart.

I'll post more character info as I actually get to shape and tweak them into a level I find acceptable enough to share here :) I can get very picky with my concepts, and it is not unlikely for me to change things about a character time and time again until I am ultimately satisfied with how it "grew". So be patient with me if there is not many things to see for now... I take time, but I eventually see things through -_^

Worlds, flavours, Ideas

Belladonna and Blackbird - What happens when a Solar healer decides to use her powers to help heal the rifts people make in Creation? What happens when a Chosen of Endings grows dissatisfied with the opposed factions and the growing wounds they create not only in Heaven, but in Creation itself? Belladonna and Blackbird is the Brainchild of Alexsei and Ryshassa Krauser - an organization bent on fixing problems in Creation while escaping an unapproving Heaven... (A game co-run by me and DarkSirenSally, involving a team of Creation Troubleshooters and Fixers!)

The Raven's characters and Roles


Alexsei Krauser - A Chosen of Saturn who has taken as his duty to guide the departing on their way to the other side. Following the uncovering of a prophecy he and two of his friends were a part of, he has found his life entwined with the woman he would come to love and became his wife, Ryshassa, the compassionate Solar healer he protects since her Exaltation as an Anathema in the Heart of the Realm. (Brought into Exalted for Brother GoldenCat's cinematic ongoing campaign, A Dance of Angels.)

Iluun Asher - Wanderer and loyal follower of Mercury, Iluun is a Guardian with the Heart of a Gypsy. Spanning the length and breadth of Creation, pushed by the Powers of the Golden Barque of the Heavens and Celestial Sorcery, Iluun has become somewhat of a guide to the young Cynis Atmadja in her quest to find what has befallen her Anathema sister. (Currently unused and inactive!)

Suurnis Vitali - Marked by Jupiter, the man called Suurnis is shrouded in a cloak of masks and concealed truths. Story teller of the Realms, Member of House Iselsi, Agent of the All Seeing Eye - what is true, and what is merely fabrication? And who does Pale Gaze truly work for? (Currently not in any game!)


Itsunari Katsuo - Twilight Caste strategist and tactician who lost an arm and was subsequently cast out of his traditionally warrior family. Falling for the virginal priestess Sakajima Asami and sharing an affair that makes her lose her virginity and her place in her temple, they now travel together, facing destiny as a team. (Resculpted for Seiraryu's Ruby Tides of Fate! Rejoice!)

Veil of a Thousand Visages - Night Caste Actor noticed and trained by Incomparable Iris, a reknowned actress who also was, unbeknownst to most, a talented spy, infiltrator, and assassin. Trained as a chameleon actor, taking on myriad of roles and identities, and finally awarded the name "Veil of a Thousand Visages", Veil now deals with the loss of his mentor, his sacrifices made for his given duties, and the fact he was now chosen by a mysterious professor called Storm on the Horizon to receive even more training... (Weaved together for lady StarHawk's Play-By-Post campaign, Return Home, but ended up never being used.)


Ledaal Lasuri - A Water Aspect Dragon Blooded from House Ledaal who longs for Exploration and his truly at home on the seas of Creation. A nice, if sometimes secretive fellow, with the heart of an adventurer and a privateer with strong loyalty to his friends. (Willed into being for the Grand All-Creation Cross-Direction Quest, by the great Kraken!)

Ledaal Lim-Xue - A Wood Aspected doctor specialized in acupuncture who sees all in life as a riddle to be solved. A man of knowledge, applying the same deduction techniques as a doctor and as an investigator, constantly seeking a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life. (Shaped and formed out of one of my numerous nebulous concepts for my beloved DarkSirenSally's Ember Days!)

God-Blooded and Heroic Mortals

Allyster Lazarus - Sweet Hemlock - An assassin born and raised in the dirty industrial city of the Boil, whose dreams and ambitions will eventually bring to the top of the criminal underground scene - as Sweet Hemlock, the founder and leader of the dreaded "assassin's guild". (Brought forth for Greymane's Of Fire and Iron, as well as making brief appearances in GoldenCat's A Dance of Angels.)

Catch the Raven

Should you be interested in contacting me for one reason or the other(gasp!), then by all means, feel free to do so. Keep in mind I am sometimes distracted and might not answer you right away, but I believe to be a pretty friendly and open person, so if you give me a bit of time I will come back to you ^_^

Here is where to catch the Raven online:

  • E-mail: Kazuki at daksiren dot net
  • Webpage: The Edge
  • AIM: Alexsei Krauser
  • Icq: 65880606

Conspirators and Muses

  • DarkSirenSally - What more can I say bout my dear Siren? I've known and watched over her for years, then became her lover, and her husband. Everything I do has some of her in it, be it apparent or not - there's always this glint, this unmistakeable touch that's her and that drives me to give the best of myself. Thank you so much, Belladonna.
  • Greymane - The Wolf tries hard to skulk around - but if you wait and watch, rest assured he will knock you off your feet with his creative and narrative abilities. Someone I got to know more in the last year or so, I find I see eye-to-eye a lot with Grey, something that makes me incredibly happy and honored. Beware of the Wolf - I have warned you.
  • Kraken - He's mostly known as a walking Exalted Encyclopedia (and he is!), but there's also much much more to everyone's favorite Skwid. He's an awesome roleplayer and Storyteller (Despite what he says!) with a knack for beautiful and wondrous things... And he's also one of the most nice and patient guys I know. What's there not to like?
  • Morrigu - The fiery Demon-Girl is a blazing whirlwind in everything she does - she feels her way through things, and it shows in everything she decides to work on. She's got as much talent as she's got passion, even if she is often prone to doubt it is true... A truly sensitive heart in the Eye of a Storm. Hang in there, Demon-Girl!
  • Raccoon - Raccoon is... inimitable. He creates concepts and characters in the blink of an eye, and all carry that touch of him... You can always count on the Masked Rodent to stir a few grins - his recent coming back from his (much too) long absence has helped me come out of a rut I was in for some time. Many thanks, mate, and glad to have you back.
  • Seiraryu - Crazy Manu, Wearer of Many Names! His brain is a bottomless well of ideas and concepts and other disparate, crazy things (in all possible colors!). Laid back, outspoken, and friendly with pretty much everybody, Sei is somewhat of the proverbial "Big Brother" everyone should have. I'll hold you to that pub-and-cigar offer one day, Manu!
  • Selina - The Dark Angel - I consider myself lucky to have her as a friend. I have admired her works for a very long time, was inspired by her writing... Selina is truly inspired and talented, and no matter what I always find myself a fan of her ideas. A genuine person who is protective at heart, albeit in her own unique, unmistakenably Selina-ish way.


Have something to say? Then, by all means, do so here ! And thank you for taking the time to come to this dark corner of the Wiki ^_^