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Got an Infernal PC in my long-running game and realised this is due...

Infernal Animas

In Sol Invictus, Solars posses three Anima Powers (as do Abyssals). They are the greatest of the Exalted, with access to all three circles of raw power, and their animas reflect that. Infernal Exalted, possible chosen of 23 caged Titans work in a... similar but different fashion.

Infernals retain Five Castes, each of which has a single ability - the Solar's Inherent Excellency, their only remaining vestige of being fully-fledged Solars. Their Peerless Essence Flows have been warped by their corruption, and their Divine Mandate holds no sway, not after their change of allegiance. However, they retain the power to have three Animas; Their Infernal Patron supplies the other two.

Each Yozi has two animas: Primordial Shape and Primordial Word. The former is the ability to harmonize with the Essence Flows that are the Primordial's Body - to work like and with the Yozi's infinite shape - while the latter is the ability to harmonize with the concept the Primordial is - such as Adorjan, Yozi of Motion, and Malfeas, Yozi of Growth. When the Infernal is Exalted by her Patron, she receives the Yozi's dual set of Animas plus her own Inherent Excellence and with them fulfils the Three-Anima potential of the Third Circle of Exaltation.



  • Inherent Excellence: Every Motion Kata. Warriors without peer, the Forsaken need no tiresome training to perform complex Essence-fueled maneuvers -- they naturally master the knack of flowing from one supernatural motion to the next. A Slayer Caste Infernal may reflexively spend 1 Willpower to allow them to use two Charms in one turn. They may not use a Combo on a turn in which they use this power.


  • Inherent Excellence: Heart of Primordial Rage. The purest leaders of the Infernal Exalted, the Blasphemous exemplify the power of a strong heart, even to the point of unconsciously reinforcing their efforts with Essence when the need is greatest. When a Malefactor Caste Infernal channels a Virtue, instead of receiving an additional number of dice equal to his Virtue, he receives additional automatic successes on the roll equal to his Virtue.


  • Inherent Excellence: Essence-Directing Will. The Unclean weave the flows of Essence with an offhand elegance, producing with the merest energy effects others must channel immense power to create. Each turn, a Defiler Caste Infernal may reduce the combined costs of Charms he uses that turn by a number of motes equal to half her permanent Essence, rounded down. No individual charm may cost less than 1 mote. Constant flows require constant attention; reducing the committed cost of a Charm reduces the effect of this anima power by an equivalent amount until the commitment is released.


  • Inherent Excellence: Shadow Under Green Display. Most secretive of the Infernal Exalted, the Wretched have more control of their animas than any other and can mute them to exert their abilities without overt displays of power. When a Scourge Caste Infernal Exalted spends Peripheral Essence, they may spend 2 more motes to enact the magic without creating an Anima Display.


  • Inherent Excellence: Ten-Thousand-Times-Masked Soul. The Deceivers are most talented generalists, able to learn the magic of other beings to facilitate relations and trade. Provided he can find a willing tutor a Fiend Caste Infernal can learn the Charms of other magical beings at a cost of 2 extra Experience to purchase. Those Charms also cost 2 extra motes to use.



  • Primordial Shape: The Demon City. The Chosen of the Primordial King thrive in urban enviroments like no other - their Animas attuned to the endless cosmopolitan dwelling of the Primordials. Twice a day, an Infernal Chosen of Malfeas may complete in one turn any city-based non-opposed task that would normally take no longer than a day -- she just attunes to the Essence of the city and changes it to accomodate her needs. This effect does not and cannot actually speed up the Exalt's movement or actions; it merely allows the city to aid the Exalt's task, although it might take the Exalt or things he wishes accross the city in but a blink. Buildings he could bring down over the course of a day crumble with a word; Buildings he could redecorate and repaint over the course of a day change their colors and decorations with a touch; The location of an escaped criminal he could uncover over the course of a day is whispered to him with the voice of alleys, and the Exalt can just sink into the ground and come out on the local Guildhall accross the city in a blink.
  • Primordial Word: Growth. The First Ruler gives his Chosen the tools allowed by and required by his very existence! With his gift permits Exalts to expand their Specialties, growing farther into the directions they have chosen. An Infernal Chosen of Malfeas can spend 5 motes to add a Specialty dot to all Abilities with Specialties for a Scene; this dot is "unspecified", and adds to all rolls, but does not raise the dice-adding cap. Spending 5 motes and committing a single Willpower point for a Scene the Infernal can rather double all Specialties in Caste and Favored Abilities for the remainder of the Scene.

The Ebon Dragon

  • Primordial Shape: The Shadow of All Things. Chosen of the Shadow of All Things can conceal their own indiscretions with the shadows of others! Spending 5 motes an Infernal Chosen of the Ebon Dragon can pull nearby shadows about them like an Anima, their forms wreathed in a miasma of inky black tendrils for a Scene. During this time the Difficulty to sense the Infernal and that which he touched is increased by one-half the Exalted's Permanent Essence, rounded down - be it perceiving his movements, tracking him, seeing through his lies, reading his emotions, or looking through evidence left by his actions - all is shrouded by the Shadow of All Things.
  • Primordial Word: Consequence. The Yozi of Consequence allows his children to unlink their powers from the consequences they normally incur. Comitting 5 motes to a person who has sworn a sanctified oath (be it in the manner of the Fair Folk, through the Eclipse Caste Anima Power or any other such geas) the Chosen of the Ebon Dragon can free the oath swearer from the effects of violating that oath, but only for as long as the Essence remains committed. The Fiend can end the commitment at any time. Violations of the oath that took place while the Essence was committed will have no effect on the oath breaker, but if he violates the oath again once the Essence is withdrawn, he will suffer the normal effects of violating the oath. This only works on oaths sworn as external geases, not those made part of a creature's very being (thus it is inneffectual against oaths sworn by the Yozi or Fair Folk Adjurations - but it does apply to run-of-the-mill Fair Folk oaths.)


  • Primordial Shape: The Silent Wind. Chosen of the Silent Wind can surround themselves with her killing gusts! Spending 5 motes an Infernal Chosen of Adorjan can wreathe themselves with silent winds for a Scene. For the remainder of the Scene all of the Infernal's successful attacks deal one automatic level of Aggravated damage, applied after damage is rolled. Those struck by the Silent Wind make no sound from their pain and no sound from the strike - even their fall to the ground is nothing but silent. The Infernal can kill another without those in the next room ever suspecting a thing.
  • Primordial Word: Motion. The Yozi of Motion smoothes the actions of her servants, so they flow as swiftly and gracefully as the wind. Spending 5 motes an Infernal Exalted Chosen of the Silent Wind can add half their Essence, rounded down, in automatic successes to all actions involving broad motion - not fine manipulation like archery, crafting, or delicate timing like martial arts - such as a jump, a Dodge or the wide swings of Melee for the duration of a single Scene.

She Who Lives In Her Name

  • Primordial Shape: Infinite Revolving Spheres. Chosen of the Principle of Hierarchy move as many - their very being seeming to shatter in glass and leave burning afterimages in their wake, each movement appearing to onlookers as if shrouded in heathaze. Spending 5 motes an Infernal Chosen of She Who Lives In Her Name can subtract 1 from their multiple-action penalty per point of Permanent Essence they possess for the remainder of the Scene.
  • Primordial Word: Hierarchy. The Yozi of Order imposes hierarchy on her servants, and thus grants them servants to do their own bidding. Spending 5 motes and speaking the true name of someone in their presence an Infernal Exalted Chosen of She Who Lives In Her Name may issue a command - a single, short and sensible command - which the one named must accomplish to the best of their ability. This has no effect in beings which would be the Infernal's equal or superiors - no other Celestial Exalted of equal standing, Celestial Gods, Third Circle Demons or similar beings can be commanded with this Anima.


  • Primordial Shape: The Endless Desert.. Chosen of the Endless Desert are as infinite as her desolate sands. Spending 5 motes an Infernal Chosen of Cecelyne is able to stretch space around her, her every movement trailed with falling sands that twist the geometry of existence, doubling the distance between the Infernal and all others present for a Scene. This affects movement rates, arrow ranges, and so forth. It doesn't change the relative distance among the others present.
  • Primordial Word: Law. The Yozi of Law knows the works of all legislators and annotates their most sacred constitutions with but a whim. An Infernal Chosen of Cecelyne is always aware of all standing laws - defined as taboos and regulations set by a ruler or lawgiver - in a region they enter or group they encounter. Once a day the Chosen can spend 5 motes to create a new law which all will regard as true and just until the Sun next rises. This new regulation must be feasible: one could not create a law that made it illegal to kill anathema, but could create one that made his family contenders for the throne (or with a claim to an important property) or allowed violence against a stablishment or subsect currently out of favor.


  • Primordial Shape: The Infinite Arsenal. All weapons are the same for the Infinite Arsenal - worthy tools and rightful property. A Chosen of the Infinite Arsenal may reflexively spend the attunement cost of a weapon or piece of armor he is touching, plus 2 motes, to immediately attune that item to him for the scene. The item in question may not be attuned to anybody else. He need not pay the double attunement cost for items of a magical material other than orichalcum, and he gains the special benefits of such magical materials as if he were the appropriate Exalt type. For the remainder of the scene, the item is considered his for all effects that reference ownership.
  • Primordial Shape: Conflict. The Lord of Conflict delights in stoking the fires of endless rivalries! Spending 5 motes a Chosen of Sangrael can ensure a challenge cannot be denied: all those attempting to resist the challenge must fail a Valor roll or leap into it! Even should they fail this roll it requires a expenditure of 2 Willpower to ignore the challenge. The challenge issued must be to something that is a contest between entities that can be won - one may not be challenged to just dance, but can be challenged to a duel of skill between dancers - and need not be issued by the Exalt to be thus enhanced - the Exalt needs only be present when it is issued, be it by word or symbol!


  • Primordial Shape: All Creation.
  • Primordial World: Life.


Akuma of a Primordial can use his Anima, although at greater expense - those Akuma take 1 Health Level of Aggravated Damage when activating the power.