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House Rules

(And Clarifications!)


  • Power Combat is being used, with the following changes...
    • There is no penalty for holding actions.
    • Hardness is halved and/or bypassed as if it was Soak.
    • Improvised weapons deal damage equal to the Strength+Athletics neessessary to lift them and require the character to have a Strength+Athletics 5 points greater than that number to be able to use them, as a weapon Strength Requirement.
    • Anyone can attack a person on a clinch at 50% Cover, subtracting 1 success from close combat and 2 successes from ranged combat attacks. In a miss the attack wounds the wrong character. A clinched character cannot Dodge or Parry.
    • Attacks from behind reduce all pools to 0 before Charms. Charms that grant full defensive pools such as Dipping Swallow Defense and Bullwark Stance come after the 0, and still give their normal benefits.
  • Virtues and Willpower may be used any number of times in a turn, but only once per action.
  • Exra Actions are not considered 'charm-enhanced' actions. Supplemental, Simple, Reflexive or Scene-Long enhancements are required for that.
  • Persistant Defenses and Reflexive Charms are explicitly permitted to be used while casting Sorcery.
  • All characters may use Reflexive Charms of Instant Duration freely like Terrestrial Exalted.


  • The Five Magical Materials and Artifacts are changed thus.
  • Hearthstones can only give their power benefit when socketed into an Artifact.
  • Hearthstones only add the rating of the strongest gem possessed by a character to his hourly essence recovery.

Character Creation

  • The Followers Background now gives between 1 and 20 followers per dot.
  • Dragon-Blooded Breeding subtracts from both the nessessary essence needed to flare and the cost to activate the anima banner.
  • The Sorcery Background is widely available to any who might have gone to a magical school - up to your Mentor Rating the character possesses a Mentor in the mystical arts, 3 to mystical schools on the Threshold, and 5 to Heaven, the Heptagram, and Lookshy.
  • Craft now works like Linguistics - you get one Craft per dot in the ability. One can buy an extra on beyond his ability level for 3 Experience Points.
  • Linguistics allows you to buy an extra language when you reach Linguistics 5 for the same cost as specialties, 3 Experience Points. When one uses a dot on Tribal Languages, he may also buy Supernatural Languages such as that of the Garda or the Blood Apes.
  • Mortals cannot channel Essence. There are no 'Awakened Mortals'.


  • To purchase a combo with experience costs 3 experience per Charm within it (And each Bonus Point placed on a combo wields 2 Charms in the Combo!)
  • Charms may be added to known combos by paying experience equal to their Ability requirement.
  • Training times may be waived due to cool stunts.


  • Bolt charms such as Crypt Bolt, Elemental Bolt and Elemental Burst have their Type changed to Supplemental - creating the action supplemented and allowing characters to split their pools.


  • Mountain-Toppling Method's duration becomes Instant. It may be freely comboed with Charms of other Abilities.
  • Sparrow Dives at Hawk costs 2 motes, is Instant, Reflexive, and can be freely used and comboed as any other charm.
  • Confluence of Savant Thought allows Bureaucracy to be used in place of any social ability on its purview.
  • Salamander's Diet costs 5 motes, 1 willpower has a duration of One Scene and gives its benefits without the need for a roll to mantain it.


The revised Solar trees and charms from Sol Invictus are effective.

  • Sun-and-Moon Method is Supplemental, costs 2 motes, and doubles the Melee dice action equal it Supplements, rolled once, enhanced by the same Charms(and Virtue channels, and any bonus that applied to the original roll, although Charms must be paid again), and applied twice. Be it a defense that can defend against two attacks, or an attack that is applied twice. The doubled action is only a product of its parent action, and cannot generate actions with Charms like Sword Dancer Style.
  • Diamond Blade costs 3 motes and halves the active defense successes if the Solar wins the contest.
  • Glorious Solar Saber gives +2 per point placed on Speed and Damage. No more than (Melee+1) points may be placed on any statistic.
  • Whirlwind of Searing Blows costs 3 motes, 1 willpower to activate, and increases the damage by the Solar's Melee score.
  • Dragon Coil Technique is Instant, Supplemental, and costs 3 motes. It works as stated in Power Combat.
  • Unwitting Foe-Hammer has no Willpower cost.
  • Listener-Swaying Argument now costs 1 mote per die.
  • Impassioned Orator Technique no longer incurs limit when used.
  • Essence-Gathering Temper gives 2 motes per success. There is no upper limit.
  • Craftsman Needs No Tools, outside of dramatic time, allows you to Craft (Essence+1) days in one day.
  • Power-Awarding Prana costs 3 experience points to attune oneself to another. From then on, one may use the Charm without any experience cost.
  • Charm-Stealing Prana costs 10 motes, 1 willpower.
  • Freedom of Exquisite Motion reduces multiple-action penalties by half the Solar's Dexterity, rounded up.
  • Foe-Vaulting Technique allows the Solar to reduce even Charms that give full defensive pools to 0 when striking from behind - only dice-adding defenses, unrolled defenses or those that give successes, difficulty or things other than pools of dice have any effect against it.


  • Entropics may be comboed with dice-adders for no extra cost - it remains 1 mote / die. They may explicitly reduce an opponent's pool below his Essence, but not lower than 0. When using Entropics, Abyssals may choose which defensive pool they will affect, but it may only affect one at a time. Those may be Dodge, Parry, or any other pool granted by Charms or Artifacts.
  • Abyssals are beings Outside of Fate.
  • Flawless Archer Discipline costs 6 motes, 1 willpower, and reduces all defensive rolls against it to 0 successes.
  • Incomparable Sentinel Stance costs 4 motes, 1 willpower, requires Melee 5, Essence 3, and has Black Velour Deflection as its prerequisite.
  • Pain-Eating Focus gives 2 motes per success. There is no upper limit.
  • Fault-Finding Scrutinity can explicitly be comboed with Charms of other abilities.
  • Wyld-Slaying Burst costs no Experience.
  • Breath-Draining Prana has to drain motes before it can drain life(the Abyssal may choose not to drain life.) Its range is now Essence x10 yards, cost is 2m.


  • All Sidereals receive Auspicious Prospects for their own Caste as an innate ability.
  • Of Things Unknown to the World replaces Of Things Desired and Feared and Of Truths Best Unspoken.
  • Life Gets Worse Approach has the difficulty to remove the weapon set to the Sidereal's Temperance+Essence.
  • Smiling at the Damned can be used with Brawl and Archery freely.
  • Subordinate Inspiration Practice works on any creature inside of Fate.
  • World-Shaping Artistic Vision can only be bought once per specialty. All three distinct specialties can apply to the same action, however.
  • Duck Fate works against any effect, but it is still a Dodge, and rendered innaplicable by Undodgeable Attacks.
  • Demon-Blocking Pattern gives a non-cumulative penalty to (the Sidereal's Essence x Presence) enemies for every character that enacts the pattern.


  • Endowment has new possibilities, both of which are the most common Endowments given to Essence-users.
    • One Charm the God Possesses and the character is eligible for.
    • A number of Mutation Points equal to the God's Essence, which fit the God's form and theme.
  • Principle of Motion actions cannot be split or used for movement purposes(Running and Sprinting. The Spirit may still make an uncanny number of athletics actions). Those actions may be used for defense, but they only grant a single defense at one of the Spirit's entire defensive pool and cannot be used to abort to dodge or parry, albeit they may be used to refresh the Spirit's full parry or dodge pool. Those actions are not considered Charm-enhanced actions for the purpose of attacks and defenses.

Martial Arts

Sidereal Martial Arts do not exist.

Terrestrial Martial Arts

  • Blazing Phoenix Style
    • Gale-Driven Holocaust step can deal no more damage than the character's Dexterity x Essence.
  • Ghost Dragon Style
    • Ghost Dragon Form
      ...allows one to strike material beings when one is immaterial.
      ... has a Dodge Bonus equal to Essence, dodging all attacks reflexively with it.
    • Ghost Dragon's Bite costs 4 motes, 1 Willpower, may be placed on a Combo, and may be used with weapons.
  • Dusk at the Emerald Gallows Style
    • Dusk at the Emerald Gallows form gives one the movements of an undertaker, calm and ready to strike at his foe, uncaring of the world, adding half one's Essence(rounded down) to his accuracy and subtracting that much from his defense for the remainder of the scene, plus its other benefits.

Celestial Martial Arts

  • Crimson Temple
    • Blood-Wrought Weapons count as unarmed attacks for the purpose of this Style.
  • Fire Dragon Style
    • Armor is allowed
    • Perfect Blazing Blow now adds the Martial Artist's Martial Arts in dice to an attack. Rerolls are the sole province of the Dragon-Blooded.
  • Hungry Ghost Style
    • Shrouded Claw Attack requires a success in a contest of the adept's Dexterity+Martial Arts versus the victim's Perception+Awareness in order to work.
  • Treading-on-Diamonds
    • Celestial Cadence Mantra's motes are committed for the remainder of the Scene, despite its duration.
    • Silver Conjunction Palm costs 4 motes
    • Asometric Supplication Mantra requires no roll, and simply gives 2 Independent Actions. It costs 10 motes.
  • Violet Bier of Sorrows Style
  • This Style does not exist.
    • 'The Sword' is taken over by House of Endings. It becomes the choice and signature style of Sidereals of Endings. Not being as efficient or direct, this means that most Sidereals do not attain themselves to the Signature Style of The Sword, instead each seeking their own ways of expression, and the Martial Arts choices of Sidereals becoming far more unpredictable.
  • Wood Dragon Style
    • Eyes of the Wood Dragon is a Reflexive Charm with a duration of Five Turns.
    • Wood Dragon Vitality is Reflexive.
    • Soul-Marking Strike costs 2 motes.

Complex Magic

  • Solar Circle Sorcery cannot be used by Deathlords in any circumstance.
  • Deathlords may summon Third Circle Demons with rituals - bartering for services as Thaumaturges are wont to.
  • All Spells are like they are in Savant and Sorcerer, with the exception of the following:
    • The motes for Virtuous Guardian of Flame are not committed.
    • Internal Flame works like the Errata of the Book of 3 Circles, but the roll to resist is Stamina+Resistance.
    • Flight of the Brilliant Raptor is Unparriable, and the penalty for a failed Resistance roll is the Sorcerer's Essence to all rolls involving physical attributes. The target does not take a penalty based on the damage, but instead has to make the same Resistance roll with the same penalty as those nearby, but the difficulty of that Resistance roll is 5.
    • Incomparable Body Arsenal now gives 25 points to be distributed amongst weaponry stats. Those weapons always count as unarmed attacks by the character, enhanced by anything that enhances such unarmed attacks. The character may use a different weapon every turn, but may place no more than her Essence+Occult points in a single weapon statistic. The range of his hand-to-hand attacks with those weapons is equal to twice the caster's Essence.


Altered Mutations

  • Pox
    • Underwater-only, Gazelle's Stride is only a pox.
    • Multiple Legs is now only a pox.
  • Afflictions
    • Inexaustible makes the creature never tire, and this is simulated by the fact the creature never needs to make Fatigue Tests, receives one dot to her Stamina, and adds its Stamina to its Running Speed.
    • Multiple Arms and Heads are now only an Affliction.
    • Toxin changes depending on the species - a poisonous snake, a coral snake, an arrow frog...
    • Wings work as Gossamer Wing Flight in Exalted: the Fair Folk.
  • Blights
    • Armored Hide gives a soak of +6L/+6B
    • Tough is now a Blight. It adds +1 to Strength and Stamina, gives Lethal Soak with full Stamina, and three -1 Health Levels.

  • Taints
    • Atrophy is now considered a Debility.
    • Blind now gives a +2 difficulty in all attacks and other actions dependent on sight, and cannot attack targets farther away than 100 yards. The difficulty increases to +3 on some rolls, like awareness, that specifically depend on sight.

New Mutations

  • Pox
    • Excellence - Creates a +2 Specialty that stacks with other specialties, being something intrisic from the body.
  • Affliction
    • Allure - Adds +1 to Charisma and Appearance or +1 to Manipulation.
    • Aspect of the Gillman - The creature can move underwater without any impediment, swimming at its normal running speed and attacking without penalties underwater, though ranged attacks are still hampered. The creature still needs gills to be able to breathe undewater.
    • Cunning - Adds +1 to Perception and Intelligence or +1 to Wits.
    • Force - Adds +2 to Strength
    • Might - Adds +1 to Strength and Stamina or +1 to Dexterity.
    • Serpentine Hair - The creature's hair is a mass of writhing snakes. They can extend up to the creature's Stamina in yards away to attack, deal lethal damage and deliver Coral Snake Venom. For purposes of certain Lunar Charms, they count as a single Extra Limb.
  • Blight
    • Serpent's Body - the creature has no legs, but a long, sinuous serpent body of at least 10 feet in length. This gives the creature +4 Dexterity when calculating movement rates, and +4 to all Clinch rolls using the tail. However, the creature receives +3 difficulty in all tasks to which legs are essential, such as Climbing.
    • Spider Legs - the creature has four enormous spider legs in addition to its normal limbs. Those allow the creature to climb any surface that is not completely frictionless, allowing the creature to even hang upside-down from the ceiling. The creature also receives +4 to its Strength+Athletics when calculating how far it can jump, and can fall a distance equal to twice its vertical jumping distance and land without injury.
  • Abomination
    • Gargantua - The creature is taller than the tallest trees, reaching a size only Primordial Behemoths can ever contemplate. This adds 5 to the Strength and Stamina of the Lunar, plus 3x -0/4x -1/6x -2 extra Health Levels. Human-shaped targets receive 3 extra successes to strike this creature in close combat, 2 if in ranged combat. It is akin to a Warstrider in all respects, subtracting 2 successes from all attempts to strike targets smaller than 10 feet tall, and it becomes impossible to use Stealth or Survival without Charms, their pool beggining at 0 even with those. Tracking the creature does not even require a roll. Finally, it receives a difficulty 2 on all awareness rolls to notice his surroundings, and 3 on all fine manipulation tasks.