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Since most(but not all!) ways to defend with Resistance have been done, let me try something else...! The Gemstone Charm is entirely too self-indulgenet, in that it is really a product of me loving expandable Charms, and loving gemstones. Well, and also born out of a request from Kraken to make something like the Dragon-Blooded version of armaments, which the noble cephalopod is as guilty of loving as I am! It also breaks slightly from my desire to not have many multi-elemental charms, but a Gemstone theme begged for some inclusions of other elements!

Offensive Earth

Crashing Thunder Stomp
Cost: 2 motes
Duration: One Turn
Type: Supplemental
Minimum Resistance: 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Root of the Earth
Refining the reverse principle of Resistance, the Chosen applies her massive force to solid earthen ground beneath her(it can be applied to stone floors of even flying airships, but not bridges of ice or planks of wood) and with a powerful stomp, sends a quake through the ground that shakes away the balance of her enemies! The Chosen must use this Charm in conjunction with an unrolled dice-action wherein she stomps the ground. The quake affects all creatures within her Essence x5 yards of the Chosen, requiring them to suceed in a reflexive Stamina+Resistance or Athletics roll at standard difficulty or fall prone, receiving an enviromental penalty of 2 dice to all their actions for the remainder of the turn. Even should they suceed, they receive a 1-die penalty for the remainder of the turn. Multiple Dragon-Blooded may use this Charm in the same turn, each successive one increasing the difficulty of the roll and the penalty given by 1. The Chosen enacting this Charm may protect a number of people within this area from its effects equal to her Permanent Essence.

Coruscating Stone Hands
Cost: 4 motes, 1 willpower, +1 mote per Ally
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Resistance: 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Root of the Earth
Even the Chosen of Earth may fall prey to the hazards of striking targets covered in fire or thorns, or that of enemies that would melt or break their weapons on contact! To circumvent those hazards, the Chosen cover theiir hands or weapons with the resilience of solid diamond! Striking earthen ground with his hand, feet or weapon, the Chosen covers them with coruscating earth essence, hardening them like rocks! For the remainder of the scene the character's body or weapons become as resilient as the Five Magical Materials, resisting any effect that would break or otherwise harm them, dealing lethal damage if they did not before.

Unarmed attacks by the character are defended against as armed attacks made by a weapon of the Five Magical Materials, and are thus protected from effects such as the Fire Aspect Anima Power. This also allows the character to block lethal damage unarmed without a stunt. As a final addition, attacks enhanced by this receive +1 to their damage. The Chosen may impart this power to one ally per mote paid, up to a number of allies equal to his Permanent Essence Rating. This Charm was instrumental on Octavian's first glorious defeat during the Primordial War, which severed his love of the Earth!

Shimmering Gemstone Strike
Cost: 1 mote per Gemstone
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Resistance: 4
Minimum Essence: 4
Prerequisite Charms: Coruscating Stone Hands
Building upon the principles of the Coruscating Stone Hands, the character with this Charm crystallizes the earth essence upon their hands or weapon as they strike, creating a lattice of gemstones that enhance it with the many aspects of earth-bound essence! This Charm may only be used after its prerequisite has been activated. When it is first purchased, the character may choose one Gem. Thereafter, the character may purchase different Gems at the cost of 1 Experience Point each, and apply them to his Coruscating Stone Hands-enhanced strikes by paying 1 mote per added Gemstone. No more Gems may be added to the lattice of a single attack than the character's Permanent Essence. Possible Gems include:

Amethyst Eye:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into shimmering amethyst into the shape of eyes, calm and placid in the face of whatever it faces! The Chosen automatically suceeds on Virtue rolls required to strike his foe.
Diamond Edge:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into shining multifaceted diamond shards, showing all possible flaws upon his enemy, sharp and unbreakable as the picks that can break even the hardest stone in the Imperial Mountain! The Chosen's blow deals Piercing Damage.
Obsidian Shards:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into jagged shards of obsidian, sharp enough to slice easily through the flesh of his enemies! The Chosen's strike cuts wide and deep, adding +4L to the damage of his attack.
Aquamarine Coral:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into a great coral-looking mass of aquamarine, leaving trails of ocean foams and waves in the air before it! The Chosen may do knockback instead of knockdown, at his own choice, and its distance is tripled. (I.e., one damage die, before soak, results in one yard of knockback.)
Opaline Strike:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into a regal opaline guard, leaving a multihued slash on the world! Bringing with it amazing luck, it increases the Accuracy score of the attack by +2.
Sapphire Blade:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into soft, cold sapphire, which coats the weapon, dulling it but making it chilled like the caves in the farthest north! The Chosen's base damage is doubled, as the cold touches and burns the skin, but the defender's armor soak is doubled against it, as armor cares not for the cold!
Ruby Haze:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into a heated lattice of rubies, trailing heathaze behind the blow, burning everything flammable they so much as pass near with the heat of the forges on the center of Creation! The Chosen's strike burns anything flammable and those struck by it must soak a separate fire damage equal to the character's Essence, soaked normally.
Emerald Thorn:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into an almost liquid solution of emerald, dripping down gemstone droplets before it touches the enemy, burning their blood! The Chosen's attack is enhanced by the equivalent of poison snake venom.
Topaz Flare:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into a clear and crystalline Topaz, catching light and flaring upon the eyes of his enemies, preventing them from properly defending against or striking the Chosen! The Chosen's attack or defense flares, giving out a 2-dice enviromental penalty to any enemy that may be hindered by light.
Malachite Gate:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into concentric rings of malachite, doors of the purest silver whose key cannot be found! The Chosen's defense is heightened by this shield, increasing his Defense score by +2.
Tiger's Eye Conviction:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into the waving, lustrous amber patterns of Tiger's Eye, crimson lines sliding around all cover to strike at the enemy with the precision of a tiger's strike! The Chosen ignores up to his Essence in Cover penalties from his enemy.
Sodalite Rings:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into rings of sodalite, growing like natural formation, mineral fungus forming a complicated pattern of razored rings that strikes with purity the heart of the unclean! The Chosen's attack does heroic damage (10s count as two successes in damage rolls) against denizens of Malfeas and the Underworld.
Moonstone Mountain:
The Earth Essence around the blow coalesces into rocky formations of Moonstone, breaking upon the strike almost like dust of iron, solidity of its earthen composition harming those that are not of reality! The Chosen's attack does heroic damage (10s count as two successes in damage rolls) against denizens of the Wyld.

When imparting Coruscating Stone Hands to others, the character may impart a single Gem per extra mote committed when imparting it to others. (up to her Permanent Essence - it is paid once for a single Gem configuration for all the benefitiaries.) Those benefitiaries may use one of those Gems by paying 1 mote for each (or 1 willpower for all, if one cannot normally channel Essence) reflexively upon striking their enemies, just as the character herself would.