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When Autochthon Dreams is a fan-made PDF of Exalted artifacts and crafting-related articles, collected from material on this wiki and elsewhere. It is presently in production, and will be made available here when ready. There is no exact release date, but should be completed by the end of 2008.

Some time ago, Wordman created the Artifacts/BestOf pages, with the idea of building a PDF collecting the wiki's votes on its best work. After running for several months, no one voted. This freed Wordman to build a PDF of artifacts based entirely on what he liked, and also allowed use of sources other than just this wiki. He gathered permission from the authors to use their work over a long period (see Wordman/ArtifactBookProposal for the history).


When Autochthon Dreams


The name of the book comes from a suggestion by Quendalon. The book will contain the following:


Several other articles were selected, but authors never gave their permission to use them, so they could not be included. They are:


  • 26 Nov 2006: Started Artifacts/BestOf
  • 1 Feb 2007: Killed Artifacts/BestOf
  • 26 Mar 2008: Wordman/ArtifactBookProposal made
  • 1 Apr 2008: Conceptual download made available
  • 9 May 2008: Another conceptual download made available
  • 15 Jul 2008: Deadline for authors to respond
  • 30 Nov 2008: Semi-final draft available to contributors
  • 15 Dec 2008: Preview release available to contributors
  • 31 Dec 2008: Public release


Just a note to let people know that this project is still in progress. It is going to be silent for a while though. I'm running an experiment involving the artwork. It may turn out OK, depending on the artists I'm trying to recruit. Might fail totally. So, either the book will have better than average art (for a fan-book), or will have none at all. I'm good with either, but want to try the former. It takes a while though, so the book probably won't be out until the very end of 2008. - Wordman

Just a heads-up: you have permission to use both the Sunshine Walking Anklets, and Acharon, of my design. I just didn't know before... no one e-mailed me. :( If you can stick'em in the next edition, awesome. If not, I understand. Feel free to use any of my stuff, just stick something that gives me credit in there. -- Seiraryu

Done. - Wordman

Since no one took me up on the offer to nominate additional artifacts, I have done it myself. When allowing your artifacts to be in the book, several of you said something to the effect of "feel free to use any of my stuff". I am taking some of you up on this offer. New entries have been added below, marked with an *. If this is a problem, please say so.

There is currently a preview release available to authors who ask for it. This will be the final preview. The final product will be released Jan 1, 2009. If you are an author and want a copy of this preview, please send e-mail to exalted {at} divnull {dot} com, with a subject containing the word "Reliquary". In this mail, also provide the following:

  • If using your wiki name in the credits is sufficient, or if you want something else.
  • Where, if other than your wiki page, you'd like the link to go when people click on your name in the credits. - Wordman

Interestingly, no one actually contacted me about getting a preview release. Oh well. Enjoy the final! And thanks everyone! - Wordman

Bad time of year for it, I suppose, with the holidays and all. Finished product looks very nice! :) - FrivYeti
Er, I did... but obviously I'm just not that memorable... *sniff* B-) Awesome work Mr Wordman. I hope I can print it out and bind it nicely one day! - nikink

Followed the progress of this since the beginning and let me say the final product is excellent. Thanks for all your hard work Wordman! - BlackFlame

That's one sexy book there, Wordman! Especially those parts by that Telgar guy! - Certainly Not Telgar

I'm going to be releasing a 1.1 version of the document to correct typos and such. I know of some already, but has anyone found any? -- Wordman

Could not spot any, but then again I tend to write worse than anyone. But LOVED it. So *pretty*! -- GoldenCat

Version 1.1 has been released. Wordman

Just to let contributors know: I submitted version 1.1 for consideration in the 2009 ENnie awards. It was not nominated. - Wordman

I didn't know fan-material could even be nominated. Damn! That would have been awesome! nikink

Neither did anyone else, apparently. They had a "best fan product" category last year, but evidently not enough entries for one this year, as I understand it. - Wordman