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Home Field Advantage!

Elemental Harmony Meditation
Cost: None
Duration: Permanent
Type: Special
Minimum Lore: 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Elemental Bolt Attack
When channeling Essence into bolts of pure elemental power, the Dragon-Blooded use their own Essence, distilling it into Elemental power and directing it towards their enemies! But this is not where the true power of the Dragon-Blooded lies. They are chosen of the elements, of the world. And thus, channeling power from the elements in the world about them, they are able to achieve far stronger feats than they could otherwise! With this Charm, Terrestrial Exalted are able to use the concentration of their element in the ambient about them to fuel and empower their bolts, enhancing the use of Elemental Attacks such as Elemental Bolt Attack, Elemental Burst Technique, Dragon Vortex Attack and other like Charms.

Each element has three circles of Harmony, those are Ascendant, Dominant and Triumphant. Each of those circles is a stage of how saturated with a single element the ambient around the Terrestrial is, and how much stronger his ability to draw upon that element can be. In Ascendant ambients, Elemental Attacks cost 1 motes less(to a minimum of 0) and have their ranges doubled. In Dominant ambients Elemental Attacks cost 3 motes less(to a minimum of 0), have their ranges tripled, and add the character's Essence to the base damage. In Triumphant ambients Elemental Attacks cost 5 motes less(to a minimum of 0), have their ranges multiplied by 5 and add the character's Essence to the base damage. The Triumphant ambient also possesses a benefit unique for each Terrestrial type.

The conditions for each Circle to be triggered are described below.

  • Air
    • Air Ascendant occurs during a windy day, moving trees and rustling leaves, a snowy day, thick clouds, light mist, thunder and rain!
    • Air Dominant occurs during a powerful storm, a snowstorm, a thunderstorm, within a cloud, thick mist, strong winds that can fall trees, atop a tall mountain, on frozen wastes!
    • Air Triumphant occurs during a hurricane, a tornado, storms that can bring floods, winds that can rip houses off, atop tall mountains of creation in a windy day, on glaciers, in a snowstorm on frozen wastes! In ambients of Air Triumphant, Elemental Attacks inflict automatic knockback if the Terrestrial so chooses them to, and triple its distance. (being knocked back one yard per damage die, before soak.)
  • Earth
    • Earth Ascendant occurs when surrounded by tall rocks, on dry earthen places such as deserts, rocky wastes and above mountains.
    • Earth Dominantoccurs when surrounded by earth, such as beneath small canyons and valleys, or underground!
    • Earth Triumphantoccurs when surrounded by immense quantities of earth, when deep into an immense canyon, a valley between great mountains and of sheer rock, or underground beneath great mountains! In ambients of Earth Triumphant, Elemental Attacks ignore armor soak, as the enemies of the Terrestrial are entombed despite their best protection.
  • Fire
    • Fire Ascendant occurs in hot days, the sort to give off heathaze on roads and leave rocks hot, or when surrounded by small fires, such as campfires.
    • Fire Dominant occurs in hot days on deserts, or when surrounded by a bonfire.
    • Fire Triumphant occurs in grand fiery conflagrations that span a whole a forest or many city blocks. In ambients of Fire Triumphant Elemental Attacks cannot be dodged.
  • Water
    • Water Ascendant occurs when close to rivers or the sea, on a damp warm day or under a squall.
    • Water Dominant occurs when over rivers or sea or under strong rain.
    • Water Triumphant occurs when immersed in water, or mighty storm! In ambients of Water Triumphant Elemental Attacks cannot be parried.
  • Wood
    • Wood Ascendant occurs when there are trees all around, or high grass.
    • Wood Dominant occurs when into forests, gardens or woods.
    • Wood Triumphant occurs when on virgin woodlands or close to a mother tree. In ambients of Wood Triumphant, acidic poison strikes with Elemental Attacks, dealing aggravated damage to all creatures.

When standing on his respective Elemental Pole all benefits of Triumphant apply, except that the raw damage is doubled.