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Level 1 Utility Artifacts

Attentive Hairpin - None - Ikselam 
Records conversations and then can later write them out when dipped in ink.
Badge of Communion - Any - Miedvied 
Badges that allow wearers to easily communicate, and also grant extra bonuses when all of the wearers are close together.
Beggar's Cloak - None - BrilliantRain 
A cloak the makes the wearer as unnoticeable as a beggar.
Binding Wire - None - EndlessChase 
Strong wire that can hold things up and tie things down; unusable on people.
Bracers of the Shapeless Wardrobe - Moonsilver - Haren 
Bracers that can summon and banish sets of clothing.
Bubble Stone - None - BurgerSlave 
Forget about drowning! Never fear quicksand again! This stone is a great pick-me-up.
Cape of Dragon's Breath - Jade - Savare 
Retractable cape
Clear Essence Glass - None - Thnkfthbx 
Glass that shows Essence use.
Collapsible Tent - None - Ikselam 
Brick that, when attuned, expands into a fireproof and waterproof two-person tent.
Courtesan's Cosmetic - None - BurgerSlave 
Makeup that delivers a most enticing kiss.
Dawn-Light Compass - Orichalcum - Quendalon 
Compass that points absolute east (towards the sun) and can also point to solar demesnes.
Death's Eye Lens - None - Odin 
Lens that allows people to view the underworld, aiding in tracking and spotting ghosts and such.
Display Stone - Jade - Telgar 
Stone that can be written on and used to make high quality jade paper.
Divine Prospectors Compass - None - BurgerSlave 
A trinket that aids in the search for magical metal.
Dragon-Focussing Prisms - Jade - Moxiane 
Jade pyramids that increase Essence regeneration to the ones inside the circle they describe.
Dragon Scales - Any Jade - Odin 
Amulets that add soak and other elemental bonuses.
Dream Catcher - None - BurgerSlave 
A magical keepsake that protects one from wicked dreams.
Emerald Quill - jade - Malikai 
Writing Implement that makes its own Ink
Ever-Useful Gel - None - Ambisinister 
Incredibly versatile gel-like putty capable of a myriad of useful effects.
Everweaving Tapestry of the Skies - None - bobthepariah 
Tapestry that shows the entire sky at the current time -- planets, storms, everything.
Farsight Bouquet - None - Andrix
A seed that sprouts into flowers capable of carrying dreams
Farsight Monocle - None - Odin 
Removes penalties for glare and shadow, and adds dice to ranged attacks and perception rolls.
Fivefold Attunement Band 
Device to allow penalty-free attunement to a second material. .
Flame Splinter - None - BurgerSlave 
The matches of the Age of Sorrows.
Flare Amulet - None - Odin 
Amulet that can provide a bright flash, blinding those nearby.
Floataway Charm - None - Falcon 
More powerful version of a walkaway talisman.
Fortune Seeds - Green Jade - Odin 
Coins that add to bureaucracy skill; will ensure profit in a venture if used in payment.
Friendship Necklace - Any - Ikselam 
Necklace that, when attuned and given as a gift, will inform the wearer of the location of their loved one.
Glass Eye - None - EndlessChase 
Glass eye that can replace a lost eye; also enhances visual sight slightly.
Glasses of the Critical Magistrate - None - BrilliantRain 
It helps you find those lazy people you need to fire.
Glasses of the Gods' Vision - None - BrilliantRain 
A pair of odd glasses.
Goblet of the Favourite Drink - Moonsilver - EndlessChase 
Can turn any drink into a favourite drink; can also partly help against poisons.
GodWatchingSpectacles - black jade - Seiraryu 
See spirits.
Goggles of Utter Night - None - Haren 
Goggles that make things dark, enabling Owl Sight users to see anywhere.
A Golden Inspirationals - None - Jarons20 
Coin raises Valor by 1 dot.
Gown of Pristine Grandeur - Jade - EndlessChase 
Gown that can change its appearance to be like any other gown.
Hairbrush of Unsurpassed Style - Jade - EndlessChase 
Shapes the user's hair to any style easily and helps keep it in that style.
Healer's Blanket - None - Odin 
Blanket that helps keep people warm, and reduces wound penalties to -1 when inside it.
Hearthstone Amulets - Any - Telgar 
Variant hearthstone amulets that provide extra magic material bonuses.
Helpful Tools - Any - BrilliantRain 
Tools so good they almost seem to do the work for you.
Horn of Summons - None - Odin 
Horn that, when blown, will automatically be heard by anyone who has attuned to it.
Immaculate Prayer Beads - None - BurgerSlave 
Religious items that reward devotion to the Dragons.
Insatiable Consumption of Everything - White Jade - RedFox 
Artifact cookbook.
Irrefutable Jewler's Loup - None - BrilliantRain 
A little help for those who don't know what they want.
Jade Chokers - Any Jade - CrownedSun 
Various chokers that offer different effects.
Jade Compass - Any Jade - bobthepariah 
A compass that always points to the pole aligned to the type of jade used in it.
Knife of Superior Utility - Moonsilver - Ikselam 
Small knife that can change into many useful tools, such as trowels, spoons, mirrors, and shears.
Lead-Jade Coffer - Green Jade - Quendalon 
Box that can contain organic material without it decaying.
Mask of Feral Perception - Moonsilver - BrilliantRain 
A Mask with some sense.
Mask of Supreme Presentability - Jade - EndlessChase 
Mask that takes away blemishes from the wearer's face; can also apply makeup.
Mason's Friend - White Jade - Odin 
Hammer that grants Strength and Craft bonuses for working stone.
Messenger Coin - Blue Jade - Dorchadas 
Coin that grants direct communication with someone declared when the coin is created.
Modesty Cloth - None - Telgar 
Cloth that can turn into any type of clothing.
Monk's Flagon - None - BurgerSlave 
A small trinket to remind the devout of the proper methods of living.
Music Caster - Any - Haku 
Exalted Stringed Musical Instruments.
Nine Woodsmens' Cloak - None - BrilliantRain 
It keeps you comfy.
Nayufs Pipe - None - BurgerSlave 
Mementoes given to those favored by the God of Sweet Leaves.
Orb of Quickened Light - Orichalcum - Thnktfthbx 
An orb that flares with sudden light.
Passion Pearl - None - Ikselam 
Pearl that can store and then play back emotions.
Pendant of Sepulchural Repose - None - BurgerSlave 
An artifact for newly Exalted Abyssals to provide them with comfort.
Polar Compass - Jade - Wordman 
A better compass than the crappy version in Savage Seas.
Rain Proof Hazori - None - BurgerSlave 
A hat to keep the rain off.
Rain Seeds - Jade - Moxiane 
Seed that, when planted, creates a rain storm.
Recording Cube - Jade - Dorchadas 
Cubes that can record messages.
Ring of Heavenly Cleansing Fire -Red Jade- Alicrast 
A 1 dot rating Ring artifact for healing plz let me know if you think the rating is right comments will be much appreciated.
Ring of Tongues - None - Odin 
Ring that grants perfect fluency in a single language.
Ring of Truth - Blue Jade - Telgar 
Ring that detects when the wearer is lied to.
Ring of Uncompromising Truth - None - Ikselam 
Ring that can detect when the attuned person is lying.
Sanguine Veil - None - Odin 
Cloth that can hide the mark of an Abyssal's feeding, and cause people to be addicted to her bite.
Scarabs of Good Health - None - Ikselam 
Various pieces of jewellery that offer medical aids such as immunity to poison or disease or increased fertility.
Sea-Jade Goblet - Black Jade - Quendalon 
Goblet that will turn pitch black when a poison is placed in it.
Shimmering Coat - None - ArabianNinja 
A coat for quick wardobe Adjustments to suit as you need.
Skeleton Key - Moonsilver - Ikselam 
Key that can take the shape to fit any lock when needed.
Smith's Blessing - None - Odin 
Amulet that grants a craft bonus to metalworking and adds to the quality of the materials used.
Spider of Verdure - Green Jade - Telgar 
Spider that can weave bandages of green jade that negate wound penalties.
Solos - None - BrilliantRain 
The mint with the unbridled power of the Unconquered Sun.
Springboard Boots - None - EndlessChase 
Boots that enable the user to jump up a little better.
Stargazer's Sextant - None - BurgerSlave 
A mechanical trinket useful for astrological observations.
Stone Soup Pot - None - Odin 
Pot that can turn stones and water into a bland but nutritious porridge to fill four.
Stones of Paragon - White Jade - Jarons20 
Stones that boost virtues when attuned.
String of Sun's Tears - Any - Ikselam 
Breaking this necklace's stones has various effects depending on the material used.
Stun Serpent - Any Jade - Telgar 
Bracelet that can produce blasts of power with which to stun or injure an opponent.
Styling Pin - Blue Jade - Falcon 
Pin that restyles your hair in a single turn.
Sweet Net - Any - Seiraryu 
Very fine net that can filter water of all its impurities.
Talisman Weaves - Any - Telgar 
Talisman that provides an enhanced version of the magic material bonuses used in its making.
Ten-Thousand Bead Robe - Jade - Ikselam 
Clothing made of thousands of tiny beads that can look like any clothing needed; can turn hard and provide soak.
The Perfected Stoneworker's Tools - White Jade - bobthepariah 
Set of stoneworking tools with jade heads that add dice to the user's stonemasonry pool.
The Satchel of Perfect Benison - None - MelWong 
Healer's bag that contains many medical tools that grant a +2 bonus to virtually any medicine roll.
Stormchaser Compass - FrivYeti 
A compass that points towards gathering storms.
Table of Far-Reaching Letters - None - Savare 
Write a letter on one table, it appears on another.
Transcriber - Green Jade - Dorchadas 
Box that prints out what the user says onto paper.
Transparant Function - None - Thnktfthbx 
Lens that allows sight through thin walls or boxes.
Transport Jars - None - Odin 
When something is placed in one jar, 10 motes may be spent to automatically send it to the other.
Unimetric Compass - Jade and Starmetal - Quendalon 
Compass that will point towards the nearest Metropolis or Patropolis, but only works in Autochthonia.
Venom Stone - None - BurgerSlave 
Despite its sinister name, these magical stones can detect the most cunningly hidden poisons.
War Horns - Any - Seraph 
Battle horns that have various effects dependent on material.
Whispering Earrings - Any - Ikselam 
Earrings that enable two people who both wear one to communicate with each other within five miles.
Wind-Jade Earring - Blue Jade - Quendalon 
Earring that can whisper translations to unknown languages into the wearer's ear.
Window Lens - Blue Jade - Odin 
Disc that, when placed against a wall, allows the user to see through as if there was a small window.
Woodhome Defender - None - Miedvied 
Seed that, when thrown on the ground, sprouts into a warrior