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My forum and wiki name is Odin, though many folks know me as James Yancy. I'm a Union Laborer and family man from East Tennessee and tend go back and forth between living on the net while laid off to never being around when I'm working. But enough about my boring, mundane esistence. I'm mostly a Werewolf man, but Exalted is my new baby, alleviating a bad case of World of Darkness burnout. Many of you will recognize me from the W:tA forum as the guy who keeps talking about weird foods. Hopefully my personality will be as easy to recognize here before long.

Check out some of my creative offerings:

The Journals of Galom Daeus -the journals of a First Age Sidereal.

Abyssal Combos -a list of carnage incarnate.

Artifacts -Odin's house of Artifacts, come on in!

Samikal Elkmen - accursed tribe of undead beastmen.

The Beastman Journal - the writings of Hrafn Sootfeather, wandering No Moon sage and lore keeper.

Gorot, City of the Wall -a Northern city built inside a gigantic section of wall.

Harvest Goddess -a wandering First Age granary ship.

Honmai- an Imperial tributary west of Sijan plagued by a feuding dynasty and forest bandits. Dominated geographically by snowcapped mountains, terraced farmland and bamboo and cedar forests.


I'm seeking permission to use some of your work in an artifacts book. Please check it out. - Wordman