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Level 1

Cleaning Spores

Designed in the First Age by a Wood-aspected Sorceress of great talent these small blue spores respond to different Essence flows generated by the spherical crystal container they live in. When poured from the container onto a surface the spores go to work instantly, cleaning whatever they have been placed on with weak acids, solvents and a bit of Essence. They can clean any mundane mess and even make items hidden under centuries of neglect shine like new. Tapping the open crystal sphere against whatever object the spores were cleaning will send out a signal, causing the spores to return to their sphere. Cleaning Spores can clean a square foot of material in one minute but they are limited to cleaning contiguous surfaces. They can clean a ring of keys in one go, but not a collection of bottles. Cleaning Spores requires 3 motes to be committed to their sphere while they are being used but otherwise have no cost.

Dew Ring

These single bands are made of steel mixed with faint traces of Starmetal, Blue, White and Red Jade. When worn by a being with access to their own Essence the rings will alert their owner to the presence of dangerous beings within 100 yards of their position. The exact nature of this alert depends on the specific design of the ring and the wearer's personality. Some wearers will smell the danger, others will have a sixth sense of danger and still others will see a faint glow at the edge of their vision. Note that the definition of "dangerous" changes based on the wearer. An Elder Lunar will hardly consider a single unarmed mortal to be dangerous for example. These rings give the location of the being sensed relative to the wearer but no other information beyond that. They can track any number of individual beings at a given time. Dew Rings have a 1 mote committment cost.

Talisman Weave

These simple artifact bracelets are fashioned from six or fewer strands of one of the Five Magical Materails and work only for Exalts who can naturally harmonize with the material they are formed from. Each Talisman Weave produces a boost in the 'signature' Charm mechanics of each type of Exalted. These bracelets simply add to the effects of the Charms which they emulate. They can not perform these feats on their own.
  • Entropy Talisman (Soulsteel) - Removes an additional die when pool-reducers are used.
  • Benevolent Weave (Starmetal) - Decreases TN by an extra level.
  • Cooperative Band (Jade) - Pays for a single person when using group Charms.
  • Ring of Prowess (Moonsilver) - Converts 1 die to a success.
  • Circle of Perfection (Orichalcum) - Adds 1 die to a roll.

Display Stone, Jade Artifact

A slab of Blue or White Jade which can process First Age knowledge crystals and other estoic forms of data storage with ease. The Display Stone can perform complex mathematical calculations in the event it is used to record numerical data. It is also able to act as a writing surface and the Jade will flake off in a perfect imitation of paper, exactly 1 sheet's worth at a time. This jade-paper is not valuable, it is very low quality jade, but it is highly durable and flame-resistant and it will not smear under any circumstances. Advanced versions of Display Stones will write on themselves at the sound of their owner's voice. All versions are usable by Exalts or Mortals and will respond to anyone writing on them last as the owner. Creating jade-paper sheets is a reflexive action and takes no effort, only a mental command. After 10,000 sheets of jade-paper, the Stone is unable to produce more. Used Display Stones still have all their powers aside from paper-making. Treat them as 1 Artifact dot lower and advanced Display Stones as one dot higher.

Ring of Truth, Blue Jade Artifact

Apparently a simple circle of Blue Jade, the Ring of Truth was created by Venlo, ruler of Del'Roh in order to supress any insurrection against him. No one is quite sure if Venlo's paranoia was personality or Curse, but it hardly matters. His ring, and copies of it, survive and serve many tyrants and despots well. The All-Seeing Eye is known to have several. When the wearer of the ring is lied to, the Ring will grow hot or cold. Heat incidates the lie is malicious while cold means the lie is an accidental mis-statement or a benign fib. A single mote of Essence powers the ring. The Ring's effects only function if the liar has an Essence of 1.

Hearthstone Amulets

These small bits of Magical Material are used to hold the precious gems of the Exalted and allow them to channel the Essence of their Manses and control the powers that are inherint in the stones themselves. Each of the Magical Materials offers various tiny bonuses aside from the power of the Stones themselves.
  • Jade - Adds 2 motes to the rate at which Essence is regained. Hearthstones reform in half the normal time.
  • Moonsilver - The Hearthstone and Amulet can be shrunk and reformed into various types of jewelery for concealment. Add 1 mote to the rate at which Essence is regained under moonlight.
  • Orichalcum - Add 2 motes to the speed at which Essence is regained. Add an additional mote when the amulet is in direct sunlight.
  • Starmetal - The Hearthstone reforms inside the Amulet, not at the Manse. It can never be lost or stolen.
  • Soulsteel - When in Creation, an Underworld Hearthstone offers 1/2 the Essence it would in the Underworld, but no powers. Creation Stones generate 1 extra mote per hour in the Underworld.

Spider of Verdure

These tiny green spiders are miniature automota that can be put into stasis and carried around for emergencies. When needed, the spider wakes in response to a spoken command in Old Realm, uncurls itself and scurries to whatever living being is indicated by the spider's owner.
When released the spider quickly locates the wound and spins a web of Green Jade that wrap the wound. The secretions of the bandage numb and strengthen flesh, allowing use of the wounded limb while healing takes place. As long as the bandages are in place, the wound in question imposes no wound penalties. Mortals heal at Exalted rates and Exalted heal twice as fast.
A Spider of Verdure must be fed 3 motes each time it is used or it will be unable to spin its webs.

Modesty Cloth

A useful but uninspiringly utilitarian contrivance, the Modesty Cloth is a garment that changes consistency, color and size to suit its purpose: providing the bare minimum in modest coverings. The Modesty Cloth can adapt to whatever culture the wearer finds him or herself surrounded by and alter itself to cover the exact amount of the wearer's body required for modesty.

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Moonsilver already re-shapes to better suit the form of the user. I assume though that this would be a willful changing, yes? How does one go about re-shaping it or is it simply "at will"?\\ ~*~Braydz~*~

I'd suggest the Ring of Truth only work on people with an essence of 1, personally. At artifact 1, it seems a little too powerful for it to easily make a solar charm (Judges Ear Tech - 6m, reflexive, scenelong, detect any spoken lie from a -single- person. It has 1 prerequisite) practically worthless by providing slightly more info, for only a single mote's commitment. It still works for underling-control that way, but isn't suddenly an artifact that every dragon-blooded in the Realm can benefit from.
-- Darloth

Hmm. Indeed, that seems better balanced. I generally forget to look at Charms when writing Artifacts, forgetting how uncool several Solar Charms are. Damn wimpy-ass Solar Charms. - Telgar