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This is a list of stories of the Exalted and their deeds. They can be used as inspiration, background setting, or similar materials.

General Campaign Pages

On The Wiki

  • TrialByFire - The Wiki's own Marital Arts tournaments in operation.

Solar Games

Dragon-Blooded Games

Lunar Games

Sidereal Games

  • Between Heaven and Earth - A play-by-post game at
  • Just Add Water - Sidereal game investigating the disappearance of the Convention of Water. And managing the Fate of the whole direction while they are at it. Just don't screw up!
  • Dissolvegirl/SiderealGame - All the info on a circle of Gold Faction Sidereals caught up in a murder mystery that may very well rend the heavens.
  • The Division of Inauspicious Terrestrial Events - Sidereal game - about Doing odd missions, fighting fay, bureaucracy, faction politics and trying to have a party or two.

Abyssal Games

Miscellaneous Games

Elseworld Games

From Particular Authors

Off The Wiki