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Well about myself. I love Exalted! It is my gaming version of crack. I love playing and STing, although without a campaign at the moment, that will hopefully soon change. Beyond that, I have all the current 2nd edition books, but most eagerly awaiting the dreams of the first age box set, and the 2nd edition abyssals book. New to this whole wiki thing so hopefully soon with more practice I will know what in the heck I am doing.

I will hopefully be using my wiki page to chronicle my campaign, when I get it up and running. As well as host a plethora of content and visit upon you poor wikizens the twisted ramblings of my darkest imagination. Woe to you all! (haha)!

Noticed on WikiContent that there are not really anything in depth to *new* or *potential* players who are interested in Exalted, or have never heard of it - and just delving into it head first may confuse people who have no idea what a 'dragonblooded artifact five jade daiklave' is. Perhaps that is a project I will consider undertaking?


More to come when the campaign gets rolling, and gets a title. Until then.....


Why Exalted?101 - beginning a project to generate interest and help out those who are curious about Exalted.

Exalted Types 101 - beginning a project to help new players or those curious, fundamental differences in types of Exalted.

Wiki Links

WikiContent - the heart of this wiki. Amen.

ExaltedLinks - more links here than a pork sausage factory.

Other Links

  • All Seeing Eye , a forum I set up mostly to chronicle the future campaign (without risking players viewing). If you want a forum for an online or tabletop game you are running, feel free to drop by sign up and go to the request a campaign thread. Please drop by and register, trying to grow the forum to expand the Exalted online community beyond the white wolf and compendium redux boards.
  • Exalted Compendium Redux Great Exalted Forum! I tend to hang around there quite a bit. I blame Vanman!
  • White Wolf White Wolfs official Exalted site.
  • Good general RPG forum, with good content and usually many threads about Exalted.


Feel free to leave any comments, whether about my page, or my campaign. Even if you are just passing by and can't resist the urge to say Hello! - Tjcoonrod

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