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The Fallen Shadows War

Notes and background material for my current Exalted game.



Session Notes

Act One: Marukan

  • Session One - The first mission, the Oath of the Circle, and the battle with the undead tyrant lizard
  • Session Two - Pacifying the villagers, summoning the Spy Who Walks In Darkness, and defeat at Abyssal hands
  • Session Three - The painful welcome home, a salon at the Maheka Manse, and the fury of Teresu Gido
  • Session Four - Arrival in Celeren, meeting Wotis, and the contests among the suitors
  • Session Five - Planning the assault, "negotiations" with Lespa, and the attack on the beach
  • Session Six - Zombie slaughter
  • Session Seven - Nemissaries in warstriders, Marukani cavalry and the blessings of the Unconquered Sun upon his Chosen
  • Session Eight - The triumphant return, odd arrivals, and a sudden turn for the worse
  • Session Nine - Desperately battling the Wyld Hunt, confrontation with Lespa, and an unexpected death
  • Session Ten - A new commander, a midnight visitation, and the Tower of the Abyss
  • Session Eleven - Interrogating prisoners, investigating the murder, and killing Tazo - again
  • Session Twelve - The Battle of Celeren, the destruction of the Tower, and the surprise in the shadowland

Act Two: Rathess

  • Session Thirteen - Into the Labyrinth, battling the nephwrack, and the Mask's plan revealed
  • Session Fourteen - Kidnapping a Dragon-Blood, the riot at the gates and a prophecy understood
  • Session Fifteen - A brief interlude of conversation with Maheka Lisara and Avra, her second-in-command
  • Session Sixteen - Arrival in Rathess, rescuing a Dragon King, and into the underways
  • Session Seventeen - Meetings with the gods, finding the stalkers of the flying tower, and an unpleasant conversation with Song of Gales
  • Session Eighteen - Battling Filial Wisdom, confronting Hiparkes, and the proletariat of Rathess
  • Session Nineteen - "Negotiations" with Relza, the return of the gods of Rathess, and the stolen spell
  • Session Twenty - Meeting Gales, encounters in Rathess, and hunting Hearthstones
  • Session Twenty-One - An unexpected discussion with the Wyld Hunt

Act Three: The Loom of Fate