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An Introduction for DigitalSentience

Running a campaign set in the West now. Big fun. Sex, danger, and buckles being swashed.

People & Places

FourWillowsWeeping: Lots of links to other people to follow up on, and Infernals!

Szilard/Houserules: Looks good, a lot of stuff I agree with.

Blaque: Neat stuff on changes to Lunars.

Mailanka: Great combat tutorials, MAs.

CrownedSun: Things to consider, particularly under CrownedSun/CharmChanges and CrownedSun/DetailedXP

Shataina/ManseCreation: Cool ideas for different Manse powers.

SolarBrawl/Ikselam: Fleshing out the Brawlers.

Kasumi: Really cool science-fiction setting called Transcendent. Also, Power Combat 101.

DariusSolluman: for all your rule-tweaking needs

TheMyriadOfShades: ESPECIALLY TheMyriadOfShades/CharmTheory - awesome stuff

Telgar: cool DB Charms, plus the awesome idea of BeastArmors

WalkingWarMachines: Whooooooaaaaaaa.

RandomTableMadness: For your immediate-plot-inspiration needs.

Power That Wants To Be Used: Interesting. Food for thought.

QuotesofGoodness: "And now, the mortals use their reflexive Charm. It's called 'Die Horribly.'"

WriterQuotes: Linked here for my own ease of access - I love these guys.

My Contributions to the Wiki

MAStyleIdeaBank/BigOldListOfIdeas: A list of names for MA styles that came to me over a longish period of time. Some sound pretty goofy in retrospect ("Destructive Breaker Style"?) but some practically have stories built right into their names ("One-Eyed Monk Style," "Twenty-One Demon Style").






MartialArtsRelay: Charm contributions in the Charadrius Style, and Mountain-Killing Gadfly Style was based off my idea. *pride*

BountyOfTheSeas: the campaign I'm currently running on IRC. Madness... madness!

Houserules I intend to adopt, or at least look at in-depth


Thus Spake Zaranephilpal/CraftList


EntireListOfChangedWeapons - PowerCombat weapons, tweaked by Jaelra

DigSenPowerCombatWeapons - my own take on the weapon stats

"I keep note of how much each Combo costs in XP, and allow players to trade in their combos for other combos if they feel the need. This lets players take combos that they'll 'grow out of', and encourages combo purchasing." - CrownedSun

I'm considering giving auto-sux on stunts, instead of bonus dice. Probably won't do this, but it's something to kick around.

Questions for the Wiki as a whole