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The Violet Coast of Tinalion

Where the Southern Sand meets the Western Sea, a long coastline lays forgotten. Once, bustling merchants and traders sailed up and down this Threshold Coast- but that was long ago. The Violet Coast is a far distant and removed place from Creation at large- considered too minor a nuisence to be dealt with by the Realm, and consequently by wealthier and more powerful neighbors, Tinalion stands alone.

The purpose is setting Tinalion along the Southwestern Coast is two fold. One, it's a little detailed part of land, which makes it easier, to me, to really make mine. Although elements from Scavanger Sons and Savage Seas are manifestly used, Tinalion is supposed to be somewhat isolated and removed from Creation proper- a microcosm of the whole of Creation, from which the Solars can experiment and grow and war for their first few years.

Time of Tumult is not being used as presented- although Authocthon may make an appearance at some point :)

DariusSolluman/TinalionOutline - An outline of the goals and thinking of the Violet Coast Series

DariusSolluman/TinalionGeography - Important locations along the Violet Coast, and a rough sketching of distances

DariusSolluman/TinalionCantrevLords - The Cantrev Lords of the Southern Coasts define the Hundred Kingdoms, and their petty wars and feuds form the backdrop of the setting. Several of them are detailed here.

DariusSolluman/TinalionCantrevGovernment - How the average government works in the Violet Coast

DariusSolluman/TinalionTinal - Tinal is the nominal capital of the Violet Coast, the richest Cantrev, and the place that all roads lead to and from. It's locations and residents get their brushstrokes here.

DariusSolluman/TinalionOthers - Other inhabitatants of Tinalion, apart from the Lords and their courts, that merit special mention. Gods and Ghosts, Pirates and Mercenaries, Monks and Slavers- here's the rogue's gallery.

DariusSolluman/TinalionNorthernCantrevs - The Lords north of the Verdant Death Jungle. They have nearly as much contact with the Realm and Realm allies along the Southern coast of the Inner Sea as they do with their southern neighbors, and are a very different place. The major players and geography of the Northern Coast is here.

DariusSolluman/TinalionProfessions - Professions common along the Violet Coast- mostly for my reference while building NPCs.

DariusSolluman/TinalionCommonArmies - Some Mass Combat cheat sheets I could have used last game. :)


So, there are two different Hundred Kingdoms now? That'll lead to confusion.  :) - Quendalon

Feh. Those Scavengers are a cheap knock off, clearly. ;) I like the name too much to pass it by, but the River Lands are both too detailed and too closely tied to the Realm for my tastes. - DariusSolluman\\ \\ That's funny. I placed the bulk of my Solar game in the Violet Coast as well, because it was literally the sweaty armpit of Creation, and the Realm would be less likely to show up and ruin everybody's day. It did, eventually, but that's a different story. -hplovescats