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Solar Game

Character Creation Rules

Standard character creation rules for solars and I am using the Players Guide fully. For characters that take fives, please provide a justification for it. You are at the very pinacle of skill with a five so some history about that would be nice. Before exaltation you clearly had increadible promise to start with, that sort of thing.

The PCs will all know each other to start off with. Friends/family and the like. As such I would like for the players to talk with one another when making up their characters to make sure no niches are doubled up on, or concepts plundered. I would also like a full circle if at all possible. I don't demand it, but I would be ever so pleased if during the talking to make characters people could work out something.

I do plan to make sure that whatever choices characters take for stats are justified. Attributes will need more justification then abilities since its the nature of solars to be highly skilled. This is just a thing I am trying to encourage well developed backgrounds. In regards to Familiar, Manse and Artifact just list them and I will handle the aquiring of said things in the game.


Characters are aged 16-19. Everyone knows each other. Everyone comes from the Anvian Vale in the Scavanger Lands. The Anvian Vale is southeast of Thorns on the edge of the jungle, hidden and protected by some heavily forested mountains. The population of the area is around 100,000 and is divided up into several approximately equal sized cities. The government style is run by a hereditary representitive from each city. They are called The Ten and vote over all major descisions for the area. For the style of culture think Greek/Roman architecture with some MA/ninjatude thrown in for good measure.

The area remains mostly peaceful, due to an ancient artifact they have that helps to protect the region. A mighty bell, the tolls once a year and for the entire year makes it much harder for spirits to Materialize in the area. As such demons and spirits and elementals are rare which makes the place much safer and saner then some regions of the Scavengerlands. This effect also just makes it uncomfortable for them to be in which helps to keep them avoiding it.

Trade exists between all ten cities though little gets out to the rest of the world due to the difficulty in moving through the mountains. They possess a small army which doubles as a police force. The people have mostly stopped worshiping gods though a few tiny household shrines can be found occasionally.

Players and their Characters

Resplendence, Kraken, DG, Mayumi, Haren and Blaque.

Currently at 10am PST, thats 1800GMT on Sundays. Probably going to change the day to Saturday soon.

Emerald Grace The twilight smith of the circle.
AmberFlower Dawn Caste brawler and all round physical prodigy
Haraka The eclipse of the troup.
Ascendant Prophet Another zenith played by Fiat.