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The Isle of Jade is a campaign run by Yeled set in White Wolf’s Exalted universe, and inspired by Bioware’s Jade Empire video game. Players need not be extremely familiar with Exalted, although an interest in Manga, Anime, and Martial Arts movies and themes is desirable. Players should have no knowledge of and should not have played Jade Empire. Although there will be many differences between this story and the story in that video game, many of the non-player characters and plot twists will be inspired (if not directly stolen) from that game. Too much knowledge of Jade Empire and its plot will inevitably ruin the experience for players. You have been warned.


Two days off the coast of the Scavenger Lands, a half days travel off the route taken by trade ships as they carry their wares to and from the Blessed Isle, rests the Realm satrap known as the Isle of Jade. This large island (approximately 90 miles across) is a place of wonder and great beauty; legends tell of how it created in the First Age and was inspired by the Blessed Isle itself. Massive forests hide ancient ruins that date from that time, while rocky mountains hold aloft great temple complexes as if in offering to the heavens. The great Silkworm River winds its way from those mountains to the sea, supporting tiny villages and scattered tombs along its journey to the Isle’s glorious capitol, Yu . The city is said to rival even the greatest of the Realm’s cities in terms of culture and spectacle, albeit on a reduced scale, and few who come there leave unimpressed.

The small village of Two Rivers barely registers on even the most detailed maps of the Isle, let alone the Realm, but this small town and those within it seem destined to rise above their humble roots. Word has spread that Master Li has made Two Rivers his home, and that his martial arts training techniques have molded some of the finest young martial artists of their generation. With Master Li's most talented students reaching maturity, it's only a matter of time before word of such a remarkable place is whispered on the breaths of even the Dynasts of the Blessed Isle itself.


Character Creation

The Isle of Jade game will use an experimental dynamic when it comes to player characters. Rather than using an ensemble cast of protagonists as most roleplaying games do, The Isle of Jade will follow the common story format of having a single lead character and a group of significant but secondary characters that support that lead character. Thus there are two types of player character available. There is the Hero (think Star Wars' Luke Skywalker or Bleach's Kurosaki Ichigo) and there is the Supporting Character (Star Wars' Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia; Bleach's Inoue Orihime, Ishida Uuryu, Kuchiki Rukia, or Sado Yasutora). Each has important roles in the story and no one will get more inherit playing time than any other type. The Hero will be assumed to be a character of destiny whose final actions will determine the outcome of the story. More restricted regarding backstory, he or she is the plot driver and his or her background will tie directly into the main plot. Support Characters will play key roles and have unique abilities, which they will use in helping the Hero to achieve victory or die trying. They are the mentors, love interests, damsels-in-distress, the guardians or protectors, the best friends or stalwart companions, the tricksters or comic relief. Their backgrounds may or may not figure directly into the main plot, depending on how they are built, but they are always essential and interesting characters in their own right.

  • The Hero - Creating and playing the Hero.
  • New Backgrounds - These Backgrounds are designed specifically for use in this game and support the heavy emphasis on the Martial Arts inherent to the setting.

Rules and Mechanics

Black Orchid Society Houserules - As a member of the Black Orchid Society, the Isle of Jade game will be using all the Houserules developed by Prax. Check out his page for details.

Isle of Jade House Rules - The game will also be using a few Houserules of my own, which have been developed specifically for this game.

New and Revised Martial Arts - Martial Arts Styles created or revised by Prax that are appropriate for use in this game.

Suggested Viewing - Anime, Manga, Movies, and other materials that will help players get into the flavor of the game.

Vallis' Exalted 2E Combat Calculator - The calculator is a two-page spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel. Enter your character's base stats onto page two, and all combat stats are automatically calculated and displayed on page one. Either page is now printable.


Chapter One

Session I - Enter the Silk Fox

Session II - The Sagacious One; The Problem of the Golden Sun Disk

Session III - Fox Hunt; Like Fighting in Water

Session IV - Farmer, Bloody Farmer; Drowning in the Light of the World; Tam Bo's Road to Recovery

Session V - I Couldn't Stop Them; Sparring Session; Bandit Slaughter, Part I

Session VI - Pig Seeks Hawk; Looming Attack (and Bandit Slaughter, Part II)

Session VII - Kaimi's Future; Recognized; Demon Toad Gang Assault

Session VIII - Demon Toad Gang Boss Battle

Session IX - "We Can't Let This Stand"; One Rotten Apple...(and End of Chapter Notes)

Chapter Two

Session X - The Secrets of Master Li; A Challenge Issued

Session XI - A Proposition Regarding the Dawn; Mother, Father, and a bit of Theology

Session XII - Priestess' Daughter seeks Daugther of Dragon; The Challenge of the Golden Sun Disk

Session XIII - The Temptation of Yukio; The Cave of the Anathema

Session XIV - The Cave Continued; Guardian of the Tomb

Session XV - Yukio's Meltdown; The Lower Tomb of Jia Bouyu

Session XVI - Golden Sarcophagus; Water Play; Red Sun

Session XVII - Reawakening of the Dawn Sun (Boss Battle)

Chapter Three

Session XVIII - Expulsion and an Opportunity for Redemption

Session XIX - Into the Marsh of Undying Twilight; Aftermath

Session XX - A Crisis of Friendship; Glorious Guardian Haiku Recital; The Sun's Tomb Manse


Open Comments - Comments without spoilers that a player of the game can read without ruining anything.

Spoiler Comments - Comments with spoilers that my players should never read. Players of the Isle of Jade game should keep out at all costs!!

- Created by Yeled