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The "Reflections" campaign, run by Darzoni

Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsCast -The quite extensive cast list for Reflections.

Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsNotes -My notes concerning the campaign.

Darzoni/CampaignsReflectonsQuotes -Quotes from the Players during play.

Session Logs

1/ 8/05: Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsS1
1/15/05: Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsS2
1/22/05: Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsS3
1/29/05: Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsS4
2/ 5/05: Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsS5
2/12/05: Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsS6
2/19/05: Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsS7
3/ 5/05: Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsS8
3/12/05: Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsS9
3/19/05: Darzoni/CampaignsReflectionsS10
4/ 9/05:


It's kind of disturbing having to portray a Dynast who's deeply in love with her own brother (or obssessed). I blame their mother for setting them up and brainwashing her in the first place. Poor Rynel... Oh, and I feel sorry for extras in Exalted, they got mowed down without a fuss. And one of these days, I'll actually post a log. -Darzoni, 1/25/05
I'm not sure if it was more painful for you or me. -Rynel
I still think she'd be funny to have around if we could break her of that. We can make that one of our goals. You know, along with the other seventy-something. -Hulen
Well, things seem to be shaping up nicely. I hope things stabilize now until we fill that Night Caste slot that's open. Introducing new people really throws a kink into my plans. We had a nice scene of social fu this past saturday. I'll probably drag the rest of the logs to work tomorrow and post them. If any of you wiki denizens have comments regarding the campaign, please put them here. The feedback would be appreciated. - Darzoni 2/2/05
Yes, comment on our Solar Shananigans so we may explain more and/or laugh at our own misfortune. -Rynel
In the following weeks- A First Age flashback, and a trip to Yu-Shan. -Darzoni 3/21/05
And you're completely insane! ...Wait, I'm insane too. Bah. All I know is, I've got a new purpose in this campaign, having designed my First Age character: I've got to recover my old artifacts. Bwahhahha. I've got my Blade, all that I need now is my armor and my bracer. -Wolf 3/30/05
Awe, I missed the trip to Yu-Shan, did I? Oh well, I'm sure Sarlk will catch on up sooner or latter! And I'm sure, somehow, Sarlk will have a meet in with his old Lunar wife...the poor guy. -Lunaris 4/10/05
Well, we haven't left Yu-Shan yet...but you did miss Rynel's epiliptic fit. -Hulen 4/10/05
An interesting phenomenon happened in the First Age session. Ostensibly, the Solar characters are young enough that the Great Curse isn't affecting their thinking yet. But they still acted pretty arrogant. You'll see when I get that log up. -Darzoni 4/22/05
I detect the use of a MUSH.. Penn, Rhost, TinyMUX, or TinyMUSH? ;) and.. Hmm. I should really finish work on my softcode.. I assume that's a closed game. Qudos, howevah. -Molikai 4/22/05
Yeah. PennMUSH. - Rynel 5/3/05
Yes, it is on a MUSH. It is a closed game now, though I wish I had seen your note here sooner, because at that time we still had open slots. But now. Rathess awaits.-Darzoni 5/14/05

House Rules

Rules I've made up to cover situations I needed to cover. Or simply stuff I want to alter.

Artifact Background for First Age Solars

The total number of dots you have to spend on artifacts is equal to three times your rating. However, the maximum rating of any one artifact you can select is equal to your rating, capping out at 5. You can have a rating greater than 5, but no individual artifact can exceed a rating of 5.

Starting First Age Solars

Assuming they are 200-250 years old when they get their 'wings', create a starting Solar and give them 600-750 XP to play with. (I'll have to recheck this, I actually calculated using the guidelines in the Player's Guide). Follow the normal rules for elder Exalts.
Eclipse Castes can buy Dragon-Blooded, Lunar, Mountain Folk, Sidereal, and Spirit Charms. They must follow the normal rules for such things.

Improving Backgrounds

Improving a Background by one dot costs (Current Rating x 2) in XP. Not all Backgrounds can be improved, however.

Expensive Purchases

For purchases that exceed your Resources background, you roll a dice pool consisting of your Resources rating, with a difficulty equal to the difference between the Resources requirement and your Resources rating. If you succeed, you still reduce your Resources rating, though it is by the difficulty of the roll rather than 1.

Essence and You.

Mostly stealing from Power Combat here-
Any creature with access to its Essence cannot have its dice pools reduced below its Essence rating by natural means. In the case of supernatural effects, the effect only works if it reduces a dice pool to an arbitrary number, such as 0. Wound penalties still apply.
Add your Essence to your Dodge pool.

Weapon Changes

All weapons have Speed and Rate (please refer to the Power Combat section of the Exalted Player's Guide for exact stats for your weapon).

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