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Task Force: Creation

Welcome to my little page on a Solar game I plan to run.

TFCLogs: Logs of sessions.
TaskForceCreation/TFCspoilers: Ideas for future sessions and plot-points. Not for players.

How it feels

Think Charlie's Angels, a team of James Bonds, or the JLA. A highly elite bunch of freshly-Exalted Solars who have been trained their entire lives by a First-Age Zenith (Yes, First Age) who sends them off to right wrongs and kick ass in the name of the Unconquered Sun.

What you'll get

Tons more Bonus Points, to be offset with some minimum requirements (but not much), Sorcery up to the Celestial Circle at character generation (though the Zenith is a Solar-Circle sorcerer, so there's still room for upward mobility), oh, and the Five Metal Shrike. Plus access to more and more nifty first-age gadgets as the game goes on.

What to expect

Episodic sessions-- the small plots begin and end when the sessions do. Evil bad-guys will return, love interests will get kidnapped on a fairly regular basis. This is fun, not epic, although the struggles may eventually span the world. It's also about the camraderie and the human interaction.

What I'm looking for

Five players; if interest is higher, maybe more for sessions run at different times. If you read the JLA, not every member of the Justice League goes on every mission, which is fine. But the Five-Metal Shrike has five positions, and so I need at least five players at each session.

What you should do

If you're interested, list your name below-- along with the three days and times that would work best for you. (ie, "Monday afternoon, Sunday evening, Wednesday morning." Generic times should be E/CST; what is morning to you may be night for me.)

  • Telgar can play on Monday-Wednesday from noon to 8 PM EST. Also, I call Twilight.
  • willows has completely odd scheduling...Zenith? Not Eclipse.
  • haren has month long odd scheduling, but Eclipse is fun!
  • BogMod's got wacky variable scheduling. How about I call..dawn!
  • UnrepentantGlory is extremely interested and available in the afternoons. Zenith all the way.
  • KitBox is back home, thank [insert deity of choice here], so he's free whenever again.
  • Arafelis works some Tuesdays, but would gladly play an in and out sort, or a 'support' character.

Not only does God only know, but he's jealous - Colin :)

  • dissolvegirl is suggesting that the game run Tuesdays at noon CST. Would this be okay for everyone?

It works mega-super for me. -BogMod

What happens next

I'll be coming up with a meeting date and time and post it once I have enough interested parties. I really want you guys to work on your concepts together, but you crazy kids hear about a game and immediately, angsty backstories and shiny artifacts start floating in front of your eyes. Well, here's just enough information to keep you from being wacky.

  • The base of operations is in the deep, deep south. Where the sun is always in the sky, on the bordermarches of Creation. There's a lush tropical oasis with a large manse, which is where you "grew up" after your Second Breath. Either Saheel found you, and you're from the south, or dreams and destiny lead you there, or to where he happened to be, about a year before you Exalted (at whatever age you Exalted at, I don't care.)-- other than that, feel free to make your backstories however you like.
  • Everyone is getting Manse 3 for free, because of the hearthstones for flying the 5-metal shrike (which I will post more info on later).


House Rules

  • Solars always know what time of day it is. It's not an anima ability, and no mote-spending is involved.
  • The Dawn Caste anima's difficulty check is raised to the Dawn's Essence, as is the check on the Night anima.
  • Craft is the ability to work with your hands and create things. Physically making something is dex/craft; planning something like a painting is wits/craft. Things like "Craft (Fate)" are specialties in the appropriate ability (Occult for the example).


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to somehow get out of Paragon next session. This being the first online game I've ever run, I expected this story arc to take 1-3 sessions; we're going into our sixth. All kinds of fun story xp and rewards and downtime (buy Essence!) await you back at Saheel's place in the Wyld. I normally don't like to prod players in one direction or another, but I think we can all feel the Paragonian silliness starting to grate. --dissolvegirl

Rescheduling Around Classes

  • KitBox starts classes on Monday, August 30th. He has classes from 3-4:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays; Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 to 12:30 and then again from 2 to 3:30. Fridays are currently totally open. Saturday evenings will probably be spent with his local gaming group. Sundays totally open. Update: Anime club Thursday 7-9 PST. Gaming group has a tendancy to randomly meet on Fridays for some reason I cannot comprehend.
  • dissolvegirl has pretty much all weeknights open; saturdays are her housework days, which pretty much preclude them ("housework" not being "cleaning" so much as it is "working on the house," ie, painting the walls and steaming wallpaper off, etc). Sunday evenings are spent playing willows' kickass Sidereal game, so sunday mornings would be an absolute, positive last resort. I need some time to play with my daughter and relax during the weekend.
  • BogMod can do most weekday nights. Fridays and sundays seem to be likely days I will have to work. Sunday morning no, since I must run my own game then. All times listed are in PST. Thursdays I get off the earliest of any one day, at 11am, aside from that I am finished at 3:30pm the rest of the week.
  • willows also prefers weeks to weekends. He'd rather not do Wednesdays as those are Sol Invictus night, and thinks that some early weeknight is when Nobilis happens. Thursdays I am free starting at about 5:30 but stopping at 8, Fridays at 1pm.

Next session: Not scheduled

If you can't be there, speak now or forever hold your peace. We will, for the sake of moving things along, be going back to present-day and Saheel will exposit the tiny chunk of what's left from your "three hour tour" in Paragon.

  • Ackpth. I'm a dumbass. This is totally all my fault, but I forgot to mention anime club, which runs from 7-9 PM PST every Thursday. Sorry ;_; *updates his stuff* -- Kit
  • Mine too, I have a club that meets at 8 to indefinitely on Thursdays. - willows

I'm thinking this game is going to have to go on semi-permanent hiatus with all of these scheduling conflicts. -dg