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The Lost War Manse in the West. Ripe for a Fallout-like series. So I'm running with it. Welcome to Western War Manse no. 13.

The War Manse and Surroundings

The War Manse itself is covered by a watertight adamant roof, under which soil was placed to provide arable land during sieges. The War Manse itself covers the entire 10 mile by 5 mile island, which is artificial in nature. The forbidding walls of the Manse complex are festooned with now inactive defenses, done in the style of the First Age of course.

The manse complex reaches down into the bedrock of the island, providing industrial facilities, minerals, fresh-water collectors, and air generators. The living quarters spread out under the sea-bed around the manse in a spider-web pattern of bubble-like domes and defense turrets/silos, and this is where the majority of the population live. The living quarters have been expanded somewhat over the years, usually downward. The myriad imperishable domes that rise from the seabed have been gutted and replaced with hydroponic gardens, since light filters down from above. Many of the weapon silos and ammunition stores have remained untouched, as most of the access codes have been lost over time and there have been no enemies to threaten the complex.

The sad truth is, as forbidding as the manse is, none of its deadly weapon systems can be activated without restoring the dragon-line that powered it... it is simply ripe for being breached. The defenders of the complex however, would present far greater difficulty for any would-be invaders, as they are intimately familiar with the maze-like complex and what systems /do/ work.

The Usurpation and Loyalty

The Usurpation was not without incident. A few revolutionaries had infiltrated the War Manse and attempted to seize control, but were stopped and executed by the Dragon-Blood officers there for high treason. In a very public fashion, of course. The Dragon-Bloods quelled the mortal panic with calm and reason, saying that the Deliberative would undoubtedly be coming to the rescue at some point. That was over 1,500 years ago.

The Current State of Affairs

The Manse is kept at a stable population to not strain the closed system, with somewhere around 5000 people living inside it, with lotteries determining who has the right to bear a child. Occasionally through the years, the Calibration Gate has dumped a newcomer into War Manse 13, bringing new blood.

Society is divided into Clans based on whom of the original 150 Dragon-Bloods a person is descended from, with each clan having a traditional sector of the Manse's extensive underground complex to themselves. A person's full name will tell somebody in War Manse 13 their clan, major house, minor house, and your mother's name, meaning each person has at least five names to call their own.

The seed of the dragons is comparatively thick in War Manse 13, resulting in a high percentage of Terrestrial Exalts compared to most populations. THe Dragon-blooded officers chose to breed for numbers, as they were unsure what was going outside and felt numbers would be a safe strategy. They make up approximately 25% of the population.

Many mortals are taught to harness their Essence so that the everyday tools they use for their jobs. A great number of agricultural charms were developed over the years as the population increased to increase the bounty of the fields, and new strains of crops developed for bigger yields.

Five hundred years ago, an event changed the power structure of War Manse 13. A farmer Exalted as an Zenith-caste Solar. For various reasons and political manuevering, the self-styled Umari Thousand-Hands became the ruler of the War Manse. And has generally improved things to be less brutal and more benevolent.

Character Generation

One can be a Solar, Dragon-Blooded, or Mortal.

Mortals recieve the Essence Awareness merit for free.

Dragon-Bloods use the chargen process for Lookshy/Seventh Legion.

For all characters, the Solar version of the Artifact background is used to reflect the precious nature of what artifacts /are/ present in the War Manse. Things bigger than powered armor are banned.

Manse is a banned background, for obvious reasons. Resources is restricted to a maximum of 3 due to the closed nature of the world around them and the difficulty in transporting their valuables from the manse to... outside.

All characters speak Old Realm as their native tongue. The four directional languages are available if you have at least 1 dot in Lore.

General Rule Stuff

Ammunition: Don't worry about weapon ammunition unless you botch an attack roll. Then it becomes... DRAMATICALLY APPROPRIATE! Unless it's magical ammunition, in which case you need to keep track of it.

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Inevitably, there will be Fallout jokes made. And there was one during the first session. And a request for something like Dogmeat. - Darzoni