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In 1997, filled with pride, five Cathayan vampires journeyed deep into the Hells from which they first arose, seeking answers to their past. What they found was a vision of an incomplete world - a world with its limbs crippled and its glory reduced to a meager fragment of its peak, in the impoverished spirit of the modern age.

It was a world they longed to destroy.

In 2003, though the Cathayans will be no more, their dream will soon come to fruit.

Game Information

SignsOfConjunction/GameQuirks - A few of my Storytelling preferences\\ SignsOfConjunction/DestinyBackground - A campaign-specific background\\ SignsOfConjunction/TheKeysToHeaven - The first Signs of Conjunction campaign\\ SignsOfConjunction/Characters - The PC sheets I've been given so far\\ SignsOfConjunction/HongKong - The First setting

Game Resources


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