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Scenes from the Reachfar

The Reachfar winds its way north through many miles of choppy water. Great purple-grey clouds loom in the far distance, but closer to you grey skies churn in and threaten a downpour. The first week is overcast and damp, mist soaking almost everything in the early morning, but the rain never comes. On occasion, you hear a distant report of thunder, like the split of a gigantic rockface. Dreams of enemies you never knew existed haunt your dreams, causing cold sweats on the rise at morning. At night-time watch, you swear you can hear and see things beyond your ken, just out of the corner of your eye, but a blink and they are gone. A giddy laughing shriek occasionally haunts the water, causing a cold shiver up your spine. On the eighth day, the storm finally builds.

The tension palpable, you see the storm break: the breath of gods splits the sky asunder, with a retort that nearly makes the ears bleed! The heavens open at the onset of night: the chase, the raw power of this Creation nearly overwhelms your senses! You have never known such threatened times in your lives...

...and yet never have you felt more yourself, and more alive. Your voice is among the crew, leading them to victory against the night. Your speedy hands are amidst the rigging, deftly knotting hawsers against the winds. Your keen gaze is ahead, ever watchful for the dangers of rocky shoals. Your mind is set against the racing clouds overhead, charting a path against the storm from ever-changing glimpses of the distant, uncaring stars. Your stern, steady hand is on the rudder, staying a safe course on a journey set seemingly against the very teeth of fate...

...You find yourself alight, and alive with the power of the sun coursing through you in the face of danger. The lightning is a welcome, the thunder a fanfare, and the rain a baptismal font.

The sky is alive with spirits welcoming the return of the Princes of the Earth. You've wound down through many lives to this, and lived through worse, and survived. Your shard never left the heaven and earth of its birth, and although you now number a scant handful, you know that with the dearth of heroes beside you, you can call this time your own once again. Maybe you can find your brothers and sisters of old once more...but though you shall scour the heavens and earth, and set the world aright again, now you can glory in the rejoicing of this world, your world, at your return...

...Now you break into the morning light of your patron, swiftly coursing through the pale crystal-blue waters north under a gladdening wind. To your back lies the storm, to the west the endless sea, and the east the plains of Marukan and the swiftly rising sun.

Yet to the north lies your future, and a far more daunting task sobers you to the present. Lookshy, Jewel of the Inner Sea, Bastion of the Confederation, and home of the Seventh Legion is your destined landfall, and only the gods know what awaits you there.

After two weeks, you are set to arrive...

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One of the most enduring tales comes from the wars between Klarnos and Cincoria when a misguided assault by deep striking Klarnorian troops attempted to skirt Cincorian territory and attack from the mountains. Scouts reported plumes of smoke on upper slopes, potentially betraying the presence of installations in the Vost corrie. Klarnorian commanders elected to scale the sheer peaks and take the encampments by force. When the camps proved to be filled with “eight-cubit giants”, bearing no love for Cincoria, but in no mood for invaders either, their shock was brutally short lived. This tale and others like it have given rise tales of “old King Korl” and the gifts that he gives when offered a completed service. These later stories revolve somewhat around two valuable materials that were originally discovered in the heights of Starn.

Jadin is a peculiar local commodity, and a valuable ingredient in many variant mortal artefacts. It is an amalgam of formerly molten jade that occurs most often near untapped demesnes and wyld zones. In some respects it is motonically similar to Yellow Jade, however it occurs naturally. Jadin takes little refinement for use in place of yellow jade, and so little thaumaturgical skill is needed to utilise it. Jadin can be fashioned into standard jade alloy, but this process sacrifices the magical properties that make it so valuable for the likes of mortal augmentation and defense. It tends to appear in dull opalescent ovoid geodes, the pale striated outer shell giving rise to names such as “dragon eggs”.

Bronin is from the opposite end of the spectrum, being a wholly thaumaturgical product. The brassy alloy is created from bronze, which is alchemically treated then subjected to a ritual adapted from far Eastern tribes to make ironwood. This process makes the resultant metal almost as light as wood, whilst increasing its hardness to at least that of steel. Traditionally, the process takes place within the day that sunlight first touches the bronze. The Immaculate Order frowns on this, making it difficult to export outside of genuinely wild territory. In the absence of dedicated foundries, bronin is cheaper to use than steel. In general, only the highest quality arms and armour are made from this metal, creating ornamental arms that can yet withstand the field of battle.

Other lands have adapted the use of bronin and jadin for ceremonial, civil and military purposes, although any possible uses in the more advanced arts and sciences would have to be researched anew.

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Interesting, very interesting. Mind if we converse on the Discussion board when you get it up. The artifacts are mostly rock-solid, better than most of my own work I'll assure you but you may wish to tie the armor down with oaths if you feel it's still too strong, this'll keep it from becoming too top-heavy with exorbitant cost, like a Hearthstone, or mote cost. Also it won't interrupt your stories flow if the PC suddenly finds out that the armor is aligned to particular actions.

--- Always willing to talk shop! I'm just in the process of adding more resources and sorting out the rest. I hope you enjoy what you find here. - Lossefion 04:27, 30 May (UTC)

I'm one of the players in this campaign, I'll be adding some of my own fluff pieces, charms and artefact creations from time to time --Stark 02:51, 30 May 2015 (UTC)