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Welcome to Saga of the Western Wars

Well wiki-ites a new game of 2e Solar exalted is starting up and I need a couple more players. If you are interested drop me a little note here on this page below on who you are and how I might get in contact with you. The game will be on mIRC and information on the room we use can be found on my main page down below in the comments section. It will be a western based game and will occur at 10am PST on Sundays.

Sign up Sheet

Hey! I saw your posting on the White Wolf board for this game and decided to check it out. I actually made an account just for this, God knows whether I'll actually be adding anything else with it. In any case, I'd be very interested in playing an online game of an Exalted - I'm just coming back from playing a psuedo-modern day Exalted game that ended a bit prematurely, and after a break on any real gaming, I'd like to get back into the scene. While I've had a lot of experience playing Exalted 1e, I've never actually played Exalted 2e (though have read the book), so that would likely be my biggest hurdle to overcome. I'd be interested in playing either a Twilight or an Eclipse for this game. At this time, I have no problems with the prospective timeslot, and I don't foresee one in the future. Please contact me at AT if you're interested in having me or wish to talk more... thanks! --Yves

It seems that an auspicious destiny has been laid on me, how else would I be reading your wiki page on exactly this day? ;) As for myself, I'm a straight up convert, who after reading so many Exalted threads on finally caved in a year ago and has since then - as is no unusual for late converts - been an example of why 'fan' is derived from 'fanatic'. As in 'someone deeply in love with Exalted', not 'lets kill all the unbelievers'. Sadly the only face-to-face game I around here switched to SR after a few weeks and JustAddWater went on indefinite Hiatus after the ST went to Korea. Anyway, I'm not sure how much stress exactly university will lay on me in the next few weeks, but the timeslot - 7pm on Sunday as it would be translated GMT+1 I believe - is just about perfect :). Finally I can be contacted via dakkareth _at_ web *dot* de. I also lurk a lot in the #rpgnet channel on Magicstar, though it might take a PM to wake me. --Dakkareth, currently thinking along the lines of a sneaky Night Caste 'dagger in the night'

Hi, color me interested! I have basically the same experiences with Exalted as Dakkareth, though I have never played in an pbp as of yet. I'd like to play a Night caste Solar of the more direct kind. You can contact me at jokerzw _at_ web *dot* de. -- Gokerz