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Just Add Water

The Directional Convention of Water has disappeared - three missing, one dead. The entire West is without supervision and surely there are dark forces behind this most inauspicious incident. What luck, that five heroic servants of Destiny have been chosen to investigate this matter and uphold the Fate of the West!

The Actual Play thread
The OOC thread


Heya everbody, it's been a long time. Since Kaiu has been lobbying for a return to the game and ADamiani seems to be not entirely against it, I figured I might drop a note here. Who else is for it? Kaiu suggested using 2e Sidereal rules which would be a big change to be sure, so if we get the gang back together, we should probably discuss that. But practical things first: I'm still at GMT +1 and thus 7-8 hours ahead of most of you, so weekends would probably be the best time for me to play. What about you? -- Dakkareth


We've talked a bit about starting this up again, and there seems to be interest. Going over the logs again, it feels like it was worth the headaches. :) The main holdup in getting this going again seems to be contacting Haeccity/Jiang. Does anyone know how to do this? --ADamiani



Hidden Crystal, played by Shadow_Lynne-silent, mentally fragile Chosen of Endings
Jiang Chou, played by Haeccity - cynical, manipulative Chosen of Secrets
Platinum Sky Lover, played by Kaiu Keiichi - Chosen of Serenity, multi-style martial artist
Silent Sunset, played by Dakkareth - bouncy and compassionate Chosen of Endings*
Moment Between Dreaming and Waking -- played by Tenshi Muse

*Also inadvertently proving that purplesids lead to ninjas and ninjas lead to twinkery (twinkery leads to the dark side!). Ooops!

Inactive Characters:
Azure Rains, played by Paradim - Chosen of Serenity and master socialite
Lei Wu, played by Alflake - Chosen of Battles
Tien, played by onine - stealthy Chosen of Journeys

ADamiani, who has no idea what he's getting himself into!


Actual Play


JustAddWater/Session1 summary
JustAddWater/Session2 summary
JustAddWater/Session3 summary
JustAddWater/Session4 summary
JustAddWater/Session5 summary
JustAddWater/Session6 summary
JustAddWater/Session7 summary
JustAddWater/Session8 summary
JustAddWater/Session9 summary

JustAddWater/Quotes - Fun quotes directly from the table, er, IRC log.

Notes, rules and stuff

JustAddWater/Plans - Plans and things to do from Silent Sunset's perspective

JustAddWater/Notes - Things we have found out, questions that remain

JustAddWater/Houserules - special rules used for this game

JustAddWater/STNotes - A place for ADamiani to organize his wicked plans

JustAddWater/HCNotes - Hidden Crystal's IC notes. To be updated as he finds out stuff.

Really Random Stuff

JustAddWater/JustAddWaterFST - shadow_lynne and her (lovely assistant...eeep, please don't kill me, Hae! Alright, not lovely assistant) partner in crime Haeccity attempt horrible humor in making a fan soundtrack for this game. Buyer beware. Work in progress.
JustAddWater/FromThePenOfLynne- shadow_lynne writes fanfiction. Not all of it canonical, but hopefully mostly IC.


Hey, all players! I put links to the OOC thread behind your character-links, but it would be easier and more fun, if you could put your sheets on the wiki as well. It also removes the problem of info spread over several posts and rpg.net's no-edit-after-24-hours policy - once we get to downtime and lovely new charms that would be a problem. --Dakkareth