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This is my current Invisible Fortress campaign, just getting started

Have fun! -- BrokenShade


BrokenShade/Archer ... a Dawn Archer (missed a great chance for irony here ^_^) played by Alan\\ BrokenShade/KrodTheInsane ... a Dawn Berserker played by Andre\\ BrokenShade/Shada ... a Twilight Martial Artist played by Jessica

Those who Chose to Depart\\ BrokenShade/Deristarius ... a Twilight Sorceror, Andre's previous character

RIP\\ BrokenShade/MarcusTheMad ... a Dawn berzerker played by Andre\\ BrokenShade/Mina ... a Night Martial Artist, played by Jessica (Alan's wife)


The preludes are included with the characters.


Subduing The Invisible Fortress

The Darkness Grows