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I am Mortos! Ravager of worlds! Destroyer of fragile things! Most powerful warrior among groups of helpless kittens! Etc...

Okay, I am a relatively new gamer who fell in love with Exalted after a particularly frustrating and limiting d&d campaign. Sure the system wasn't perfect, but I loved the flexibility, the nobility of the protagonists, and the stunts (yay stunts).

Current Campaign


Previous Characters

My first character was a night caste who used the Gauntlets of Distant Claws to do so many wild stunts and things they were never intended to be used for that I virtually broke the campaign (oops)

My second character, Cathak Pyriphlegathon (I only found out afterwards that the name was an underworld river in Exalted too), was a fire aspect db. Greatest moment: The current party consisted of my foolhardy character, the friendly and straightforward earth aspect, and a follower air aspect We were in the process of running straight through a section of wyld sprung up in the river near lookshy. Gravity had finally righted itself, the belt we had used to tie ourselves together (important with the gravity thing) had become a snake, and our air-enchanted cool chest (which had been used as a cooler for alcoholic beverages once the original owner died) was rapidly growing legs. A great whirlpool ahead lay at the center of the wyld disturbance (that which we had come to investigate). Now, most people would be proceeding cautiously after the many dangers and near fatal obstacles we had encountered as we proceeded deeper into the wyld. Most people would have stopped by the edge of the water and studied the whirlpool and its implications. Most people wasn't me. Motivated to ever higher levels of valor and proaction by the ever maddening environment, he just yelled "Let's go!" and lept into the pool. The Earth aspect, shrugging, lept in after me, dragging along the small and protesting air aspect by our belt/snake. The "plan" worked, being so insane that we managed to "surprise" the fair folk guards waiting in the temple under the pool. And by surprise I mean we fell on them.

My third character, Tepet Crythis was much less insane but no less wild. He was an air aspect in Prions's campaign. His method of battle mainly consisted of calmly making his enemies look stupid. Highlights from the campaign include: Digging a pit on the inside of the door to his safehouse. When the deathknight momentously kicks down the door and strides into the house followed by a pack of undead monsters, he suddenly falls headfirst into a hole in the ground.
Becoming #1 most wanted by the First and Forsaken Lion... as well as the Zerg (yes. I said Zerg, see Prions)... and the Wyld Hunt... due to how many times I had thwarted them, mocked them, and just generally ruined their plans.
Torturing a deathknight in the castle of the First and Forsaken Lion with his own torture apparatus.
Destroying a third of the First and Forsaken Lion's military force (my character is the wrong person to give powerful artifacts to, I'll immediately think of ways to use them to have insane amounts of fun)
Destroying Gem (eventually the FaFL was getting his hands on it, so instead of give up, after destroying his military, I decided if he was going to get Gem, all he would get was rubble. We collapsed the mountain on it)
Designing a "seige weapon" consisting of a giant undead snake spinning very quickly with its center attached to a spinning wheeled contraption, this kept its body four feet off the ground. It crashed into an opposing army, decimating their closest ranks. Once it fell, the explosives we fed it went off. That was a good day.

House Rules

I need help here

I am now attempting to run a custom campaign with some custom rules and settings, and would like people's opinions very much. Here are the Rules.

My other big question is that my campaign is going to be run in a d&d esque world, full of standard fantasy monsters (even some exalted dungeon crawling, yay!). My problem is there is a lack of monsters for exalted, especially common types. Does anybody know a simple system for either creating monsters at a power level that won't kill your party, or a way to convert d20 type monsters to the exalted system?


Heyo. Hope you don't mind me putting your comments section in a different bar. Anyway, I recomment you try to get your hands on Creatures of the Wyld, which is basically a critter book. You might also get examples of some stats for any critters you might wanna convert. The Tarrasque is totally a Behemoth too :D

Your characters sound pretty cool, BTW - Tiffa

Heyla, Mortos, it's your Earth Exalt popping in to say hi. It'd be nice to see the rest of the Solar campaign, and to see ours at all... *hint hint hint.* Oh, and do you mind if I list memorable events in our campaign on my page? If you do, just stop by and change it.

Thanks again for putting up with all of us! - Erechel