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A little bit silly, a little bit rock'n'roll

Hi. I'm Topher. I'm one of the mods over at RPGnet, and an avid Exalted Player and Storyteller. I'm part of a great group in the Chicagoland area who put up with my silly ideas for some reason. This is just a place to share some of my stuff, including episode writeups for Exalted: The Boy Bands and the occasional Charms, Artifacts, etc that I come up with.

My Stuff

Exalted: The Boy Bands -- My currently running game

Charms -- Charms I've designed

House Rules -- Things I tend to change or add in my games.

Characters -- PCs (and maybe a few NPCs)


Haha! Commenting at the top. Good to see you at the Wiki, Topher. - willows

Welcome to the Wiki, topher. -- Charlequin

Damn, that was fast. Still getting my stuff together. ^_^ -- Topher

Heh, yeah, sometimes this might as well be instant messenger ~_O
Welcome. - SMK

Hi. :) --dissolvegirl

Hey DG. Sorry you got targeted by Mister Issues. I tried to do my part to keep your page free of nasty edits. -- Topher

You know, Topher, you really need to finish statting Sama...uh Sada, uh...Forgotten Purity. ^_^ -Kenshiro

Putting characters in the Wiki-approved format is tedious. I'll get to it eventually. ;) -- Topher